420HC vs. S30V Knives: Which Is Better?

420HC vs S30V

S30V is superior to 420HC in edge retention and durability, it holds a sharper edge for a longer time than 420HC. On the other hand, 420HC is affordable and ideal for making knives for everyday use. To choose between 420HC and S30V knives, you must consider all steel properties like edge retention, corrosion resistance, toughness, … Read more

Elmax vs. M390 Knives: Which is Better?

m390 vs elmax

M390 offers excellent corrosion resistance and holds its sharpness slightly longer than Elmax. But it falls a bit lower than Elmax in toughness. Sharpening Elmax steel is fairly easier compared to sharpening M390 steel. In this article, we will look into the steels’ features in detail to help you decide between Elmax and M390 knives. … Read more

S30V vs. S90V Knives: Which Is Better?

S30V vs. S90V Knives

S90V steel knives offer better edge retention than S30V steel knives meaning you can use them for a long time without sharpening. However, S30V steel is much easier to sharpen, and it is the best option for people who intend to sharpen themselves. Are S30V and S90V Knives the Same? S30V and S90V knives might … Read more

Best Angle to Sharpen a Knife (Sharpening Angle Guide)

Sharpening Angle

You must have heard about sharpening angles if you are learning knife sharpening skills. Selecting the right sharpening angle is an important step in knife sharpening because it determines the blade’s sharpness and durability. So, what is the best angle to sharpen a knife? The best angle to sharpen a knife depends on how you … Read more

Which is better: Damascus steel or carbon steel knife?

RWL 34 steel knife

Damascus steel and carbon steel make among the most popular knives on the market. Whether you are a first-time knife shopper or an experienced knife user wondering which is better, you are at the right place. So, which is better, Damascus steel or carbon steel? Damascus steel and carbon steel are made following different manufacturing … Read more

S90V vs. M390 knives: Which Is Better?

S90V vs M390

S90V and M390 are premium steels, but M390 makes better high-end knives because it wins in toughness, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening. However, you must consider your knife needs when choosing between S90V and M390 knives. In this article, we will look at the properties of S90V steel and M390 steel and their pros … Read more

How Does a Butterfly Knife Differ from a Switchblade?

Benchmade Butterfly knives

Most people group the butterfly knives and the switchblade knives. First, both knives are pocket knives. Second, they are illegal in many western states. But these two blades are quite different in their features, design, and build. Here is how. What is a Butterfly Knife?  The Butterfly knife is also known as the Batangas or … Read more

Rockwell Hardness Scale for Knives

Benchmade 60 Rockwell Hardness

If you are keen on knife specifications, you must have seen a number with RC or HRC after or before it, for example, 54 HRC or RC60. The numbers represent the Rockwell rating, a scale used to determine the hardness of a material. HRC or RC is the abbreviation for Rockwell Hardness Scale. So, what … Read more

6 Ways To Prevent Your Knife From Getting Dull Easily

hone dull knife

It is usual for knives to become dull from frequent use, but some practices speed up the dulling process. To make your knives fully functional, you must be aware of and avoid these dulling practices. To prevent your knife from getting dull easily, you must cut it on the right surface, wash it by hand, … Read more