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Best Under Cabinet Knife Holder

Do you have a drawer full of knives? Do you constantly struggle to find the right knife for what you’re cutting in your kitchen? If so, maybe it’s time to invest in under cabinet knife holder.

The great thing about these under cabinet knife holders is that they keep all of your knives organized, close at hand and safely tucked away.

They come with different finishes and are made from variety of woods like ply wood or oak wood. Some even include waterproof finish which makes them easy to clean.

In addition, many of these under cabinet knife holders have magnetic strips on the back which allows for quick access when looking for a specific blade.

The magnetic strip can also be used to keep the knives in place and hold them so that they do not move around or rub against each other to become dull.

Under Cabinet Knife Block

Best Overall
Under Cabinet Knife Block

The under cabinet knife block comes in three sizes (Large 22 x 9 (I.D.)/ 23.5 x 10.5 (O.D.) -- Small 18 x 9 (I.D.)/19.5 x 10.5 (O.D.) and extra-large). It can easily store different sizes and varieties of knives, from slicing knives to chef knives.  

Also, you can purchase a unit that fits under your specific cabinets. For instance, the smaller unit is ideal for people with limited kitchen cabinet space. 

It is made of real wood and available in six different finishes, including natural, cherry, unfinished, walnut, white and black. Therefore, you have a variety to choose from. What’s more, it is fitted with heavy-duty hinges that withstand daily use.

The storage unit helps you reduce clutter from your kitchen countertop and keeps knives and other sharp utensils away from your kids. 

What’s more, the Drop Block knife cabinet is gentle and separates the blades from each other and so they do not dull. Also, it keeps the knives away from water and moisture, protecting them from rusting or other water-related damages.

Verdict: This knife holder is perfect as it offers a variety of sizes and finishes to fit into most spaces. It safely tucks away and keeps your knives secure.

  • Available in three different sizes to suit your space and needs
  • It comes in 6 finishes giving you a variety to choose from depending on your kitchen décor
  • Keeps your kitchen countertop organized and safe as it doesn't take up the counter space
  • Made of high-quality wood and heavy-duty hinges
  • Has strong magnets
  • It does not dull knife blades
  • Keeps knives out of reach of children
  • A bit expensive
  • Relatively difficult to install
  • For best installation, you might need to hire a handyman
  • The magnets may unstick from the wood backing over time and will need gluing.

Ebony Under Cabinet Knife holder

Ebony Color
Ebony wood knife cabinet

As the name suggests, the Ebony wood knife cabinet is made of ebony wood, making it very strong and long-lasting. Ebony wood is water and termite-resistant; therefore, you can trust this cabinet to serve you for years.

It comes in three different sizes and therefore holds knives of various sizes. What’s more, it is wide and stores many knives and when you open it, you are able to see all your knives at one glance. This makes it easy to choose the knife you want to use.

Unlike other traditional knife cabinets, which dull the blades of knives, the ebony knife cabinet separates the blades with heavy-duty magnets; therefore, your knives will maintain sharp edges when in storage.

Additionally, the heavy-duty magnets ensure that the knives do not turn around when you lower the cabinet. The hinges are well made anc can withstand everyday use.

Verdict: Perfect for a small number of knives and it is much easier to install

  • Made of high quality and durable ebony wood
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Has six finishes (white, natural, black, cherry, walnut, and unfinished)
  • It does not dull the blades
  • It holds up to ten knives, and you can view them at a glance
  • Easy to install, requires only 4 screws 
  • The magnet may not hold up for heavy knives
  • Hold relatively few knives compared to competition

Cherry Under Cabinet Steak & Paring Knife Block

Small and Medium knives holder
Cherry Under Cabinet Steak & Paring Knife Block

It fits perfectly on your kitchen countertop without taking up too much space. Made of plywood, this under cabinet knife block is perfect for storing knives easily! 

It comes with a magnetic strip that holds the knives safely without the blades touching each other.

It is designed with space to separate the knives from touching each other; therefore, there is no friction and no dull blades.

The cherry cabinet design offers more room on smaller counters and can be used to house steak, paring, serrated, and utility knives all in one place!

The main disadvantage of this blade is that it is fit for small knives only. 


Verdict: This is best suited for small knives and offers a clean minimalist look

  • Available in many colors to choose from
  • No friction between the knives
  • Clears and saves countertop space
  • Offers easy access to knives
  • Made in the US and has the strong and durable UV-finished cherry wood plywood
  • It cannot store long blades

White Under Cabinet Knife Block

White Pull Down Knife Rack

The White pull-down knife rack is a small-sized knife cabinet suitable for small spaces. Although it is small in size, it holds up to ten kitchen knives. Therefore, it saves on your space and takes up all your kitchen knives. What a perfect combination!

People with white kitchen cabinets struggle to get a matching knife cabinet, but not anymore. This cabinet is white, and therefore it perfectly combines with the white drawers.

What’s more, this knife holder has quality hinges that can withstand daily usage and support the weight of the blades. 

It is a universal fit, meaning that it can be used under any kitchen cabinet. Therefore, irrespective of the size and type of your kitchen cabinets, this holder allows you to declutter your kitchen countertop.

Additionally, it keeps knives and other sharp items away from kids. The strong and tight hinges make it hard to open; therefore, even if your kids discover it they will not be able to open it easily.

Verdict: This White under cabinet holder is perfect for kitchen with white cabinets, it blends well and safely tucks away about ten knives.

  • Strong and durable hinges that handle everyday usage and knife weight
  • Small design for small spaces
  • Clears clutter from countertop
  • Keep Knives Out Of Reach of Children
  • Only available in white, which shows scuffs and stains quickly
  • Build quality could be better

Home and Office Organizer

Home and Office Organizer

The home and office organizer is not made for knife storage, but you can mount it under your kitchen cabinet and use it to store your knives. It is cheap and durable and, therefore, a perfect choice for knife storage.

It measures 11″ width and 10″ deep and about 2.5″ high; therefore, it will securely hold and a good number of your blades and other sharp kitchen items like scissors. Also, the knives are easily visible hence eliminating the chances of misplacing.

It is made of metal hence durable, but rust when you place watery knives on it. Therefore, ensure that you dry your knives to keep corrosion at bay.

Also, if you have children, ensure that you screw it high where they cannot reach. Another downside is that there is no space between the knives; hence, the blades touch and the friction make them dull.

Verdict: Affordable and versatile, has multiple downside including abrassion of knives and possibility of corrosion.

  • Affordable compared to other knife cabinets
  • It is lightweight
  • Stores many knives
  • Durable because it’s made from commercial-grade steel
  • Children can access the knives if not placed high enough
  • It can suffer corrosion; therefore, you must be keen on care and maintenance
  • The knife blades touch each other and thus becomes dull


If you’re like me, and have a drawer full of knives that are constantly getting lost at the bottom or used for something they weren’t intended to be used for (i.e., if I need a bread knife but grab my chef’s knife), then it might just be time to invest in an under cabinet knife holder.

We all know that there’s nothing more irritating than looking through a pile of utensils and not being able to find the one tool we need at that moment.

Under cabinet knife holders are designed with this problem in mind by providing easy access to knives without having them clutter up countertops or drawers where they can get lost or forgotten about entirely