Is 1060 steel any good?

1060 steel katana

What is 1060 Steel? 1060 steel is carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.6% and is popularly used in the sword-making industry. The name 1060 comes from the AISI standard of naming with 1 signifying carbon steel and 60 signifying 0.60%  weight percent of the steel is carbon. It contains other elements like Manganese … Read more

What is T10 Steel?

T10 steel Katana

What is T10 Steel? T10 steel is high-speed tool steel made of carbon and Tungsten. The T in its name stands for Tungsten, while the 10 stands for carbon content, which is 1.0%. T10 Carbon steel is Tungsten-based, and this is why it is categorized as high-speed steel. High-speed steels are very effective in making cutting … Read more