What is ATS 34 Steel?

ATS 34 Steel knife

When Crucible stopped manufacturing 154CM, Hitachi was approached by a renowned knife maker Bob Loveless to supply similar steel, and that is how ATS 34 came into existence. It’s a version of 154CM with boosted characteristics. ATS 34 steel Composition Properties of ATS 34 steel ATS 34 Hardness ATS 34 steel has a Rockwell hardness … Read more

Is 154CM steel good knife steel?

154CM steel review

154CM stainless steel is among the oldest steel on the market, and it was initially designed to manufacture jet engine turbine components meaning that it holds high levels of toughness. Suppose you wonder how they came up with the name. The letter “CM” in its name stands for Climax Molybdenum, the company that first manufactured … Read more