What is CPM 15V Steel?


CPM 15V is made for applications that require exceptional wear resistance. It has solid carbides that can withstand high wear resistance application. 15V steel is used to make punches, core rods, Barrel liners, wear inserts, forming, cold extrusion, piercing, and industrial knives. Several custom knife makers use CPM 15V blade steel due to its incredible … Read more

What is INFI Steel?

Busse INFI Steel Knife

There have been two versions of INFI steel. The older version contained nitrogen elements for hardening because it contained low amounts of carbon. The current INFI steel does not contain nitrogen and cobalt. It depends on carbon and vanadium for hardening. It is not stainless steel because it only has 8% chromium in its composition, which … Read more

What is REX 121 steel?

CPM REX 121 steel

What does this mean for knife users? Blades made from this steel offer excellent wear resistance, edge retention and are consequently difficult to sharpen. Although it offers the best edge retention, many knife makers do not use this steel because it is difficult to grind, is brittle, and is very difficult to sharpen. CPM 121 … Read more

Is Maxamet Steel good knife steel?

maxamet steel review

Apart from knives, Maxamet is used to make tools that require extreme wear resistance like Punches, Taps, Broaches, and Industrial knives. Maxamet can also be used to make tools to be used in high temperatures. Maxamet Steel composition (Maxamet Steel Chart) Maxamet steel properties Maxamet Hardness Maxamet has a Rockwell hardness of up to 70 … Read more