What is ApexUltra Steel?

apexultra steel knife

ApexUltra stands out for its excellent toughness, associated with its balanced alloy composition and purity. The steel is suitable for manufacturing culinary knives, carving knives, camping knives, and knives with thin edges. ApexUltra Steel Composition ApexUltra Datasheet PDF Properties of ApexUltra steel ApexUltra Steel Hardness ApexUltra has a Rockwell hardness of 66 HRC. This is … Read more

What is 26C3 Steel? (Spicy White Steel)

26C3 steel review

26C3 spicy white steel contains very few impurities like sulfur and phosphorous in its alloy; it is highly comparable to Japanese Shirogami #1 / White #1 steel. What’s more, it is not stainless steel because it does not contain enough chromium to pass the stainless steel mark. It has 0.3% chromium, which improves its strength … Read more

Is 52100 steel good knife steel?

Steelport 52100 steel knife

What is 52100 Steel? AISI 52100 steel is a very popular steel in knife making, it has carbon and chromium as its primary elements. Because of its low alloy composition, it is categorized as simple-grade steel. 52100 carbon steel has been used to make ball bearings and knives because of its strength and wear resistance. … Read more