M390 vs S30V: Which Is Better?

M390 vs S30V

S30V knives are more popular than M390 knives. However, M390 knives offer better performance than S30V knives because they have better edge retention, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Both M390 and S30V feature almost the same level of toughness. When choosing between M390 steel and S30V steel, you must consider all their properties, including toughness, … Read more

S30V vs. S90V Knives: Which Is Better?

S30V vs. S90V Knives

S90V steel knives offer better edge retention than S30V steel knives meaning you can use them for a long time without sharpening. However, S30V steel is much easier to sharpen, and it is the best option for people who intend to sharpen themselves. Are S30V and S90V Knives the Same? S30V and S90V knives might … Read more

CPM REX T15 Steel

CPM REX T15 Steel Spyderco

Because of its high quality and grind ability, CPM Rex T15 steel is designed to make tools for use in difficult operations that produce high frictional heat. Few knife makers have adopted Rex T15 steel like Spyderco in the Mule Team™ CPM Rex T15 Pocket knife.  CPM REX T15 Steel Composition Properties of CPM REX … Read more

H2 Steel: A Replacement of H1 Steel

Spyderco H2 steel

Although it is a huge loss to the steel industry, there is a positive side because Spyderco, in partnership with other steel manufacturing partners in Japan, has developed H2 steel, which offers better corrosion resistance than H1.  Spyderco H2 steel takes the same chemical composition and manufacturing process as H1, but it is further refined … Read more

Factors to consider when buying under 3-inch pocket knife

Pocket knife

Under 3-inch pocket knives are helpful for everyday cutting needs and may be suitable for official places like offices, unboxing, and minimal cutting. Under 3-inch pocket knives are easy to carry around as they easily fit in your pockets, wallet, key holder, etc. If you are struggling to choose the best pocket knife for your … Read more

10Cr15CoMoV Steel: Properties, and Comparison

CIVIVI 10Cr15CoMoV steel knife

10Cr15CoMoV stainless steel is used in the knife industry to make highly polished thin blades with excellent edge retention perfect for slicing. 10Cr15CoMoV Steel Composition Element Percentage composition Carbon C 0.95%-1.05% Chromium Cr 14.50%-15.50% Vanadium 0.25%-0.35% Molybdenum 0.80%-1.20% Cobalt Co 1.30%-1.80% Manganese Mn 0.30%-0.50% Nickel Ni 0.00%-0.25% Silicon Si 0.00%-0.45% Sulfur S 0.03% Phosphorus P 0.03% 10Cr15CoMoV Steel Composition Properties … Read more

Is S45VN Steel Good?

S45VN steel

CPM S45VN steel is among the latest steels on the market, developed around 2019; it is already popular among knife makers and other industries. Knifemakers like Spyderco and Spartan Blades have already adopted S45VN stainless steel and are updating their lineup with this new steel. Spyderco’s famous ParaMilitary 2 and Para 3 knives previously made … Read more

What is ATS 34 Steel?

ATS 34 Steel knife

When Crucible stopped manufacturing 154CM, Hitachi was approached by a renowned knife maker Bob Loveless to supply similar steel, and that is how ATS 34 came into existence. It’s a version of 154CM with boosted characteristics. ATS 34 steel Composition Properties of ATS 34 steel ATS 34 Hardness ATS 34 steel has a Rockwell hardness … Read more

X50CrMoV15 Steel: Properties, and Comparison

X50CrMoV15 steel review

German X50CrMoV15 steel is a mainstream knife steel popular in most knives in Germany and Europe, it may not be well known in other countries but its chemical composition closely resembles that of well-known AISI 440A stainless steel and 1.4116 stainless steel. X50CrMoV15 stainless steel is also referred to as X50 Cr MoV 15 steel, … Read more