What is T10 Steel?

T10 steel Katana

What is T10 Steel? T10 steel is high-speed tool steel made of carbon and Tungsten. The T in its name stands for Tungsten, while the 10 stands for carbon content, which is 1.0%. T10 Carbon steel is Tungsten-based, and this is why it is categorized as high-speed steel. High-speed steels are very effective in making cutting … Read more

Is 1095 steel good steel?

1095 steel review

The last two digits represent the carbon content which is 0.95%. The less than 1% carbon content makes 1095 high carbon steel and not tool steel. Generally, tool steels contain more than 1% carbon content. 1095 steel alloy mainly contains Carbon and Manganese. In addition to carbon, the other element in 1095 blade steel is … Read more