What is Vanadis 4E Steel?

Vanadis 4E Steel Knife

Vanadis 4E steel is great knife steel that offers a more balanced approach to toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. The steel does not contain enough chromium to make it stainless steel. If you do not mind the corrosion resistance abilities of your knives, the other properties of Vanadis 4E make it good knife steel. … Read more

What is INFI Steel?

Busse INFI Steel Knife

There have been two versions of INFI steel. The older version contained nitrogen elements for hardening because it contained low amounts of carbon. The current INFI steel does not contain nitrogen and cobalt. It depends on carbon and vanadium for hardening. It is not stainless steel because it only has 8% chromium in its composition, which … Read more

How Good is CPM 3V steel?

CPM 3V steel is a high carbon tool steel produced by crucible industries following the Crucible Powder Metallurgy technology. It is commendable for its extreme toughness and wear resistance, and it is categorized in the same class as other tool steels belonging to the Crucible Killer-V’s that include CPM 3V, CPM 9V, CPM 10V, CPM … Read more