CPM REX T15 Steel

CPM REX T15 Steel Spyderco

Because of its high quality and grind ability, CPM Rex T15 steel is designed to make tools for use in difficult operations that produce high frictional heat. Few knife makers have adopted Rex T15 steel like Spyderco in the Mule Team™ CPM Rex T15 Pocket knife.  CPM REX T15 Steel Composition Properties of CPM REX … Read more

Is REX 45 Steel Good?

CPM Rex 45 Steel

Cobalt boosts the hardness of CPM Rex 45 even at red heat temperature treatments. Because of the high hardness, this steel offers great wear resistance and edge retention capabilities. CPM Rex45 is excellent in making cutting tools, knife blades, and cold working tools. Depending on the usage, some parts made of Rex 45 steel are … Read more