Sandvik 13C26 Steel: Composition, Properties, and More

Sandvik 13C26 Steel FC61 steel knife

Other manufacturers have also adopted Sandvik’s 13C26 Steel under different proprietary naming. The most common is Henckel’s in their Miyabi Kitchen Knives under the proprietary name FC61 Stainless Steel. Sandvik 13C26 steel equivalent is Bohler AEB-L stainless with an additional 0.1% of alloying compounds. 13C26 steel is also greatly similar to 12C27 Steel but with … Read more

What is Sandvik 12C27 Steel?

12C27 steel knife morakniv

12C27 martensitic stainless steel is popular in the knife industry because it offers excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high hardness, all properties that make good knife steel. What’s more, unlike other high chromium steels that are difficult to sharpen because of the hard chromium carbides, 12C27 steel attains an edge very fast. Sandvik 12C27 … Read more