CPM 154 vs. CPM 20CV Knives: Which is Better?

CPM 154 vs CPM 20CV

When choosing between CPM 154 and CPM 20CV knives, factors like edge retention, corrosion resistance, and toughness need to be considered. CPM 20CV knives are better in edge retention, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance while CPM 154 knives offer better toughness and are easier to sharpen.  The differences are a result of the elements in … Read more

Is CPM 154 Steel a Good Blade Steel?

boker cpm 154 steel knife

Because of its properties, CPM 154 is widely used in the knife-making industry to make bushcraft knives and Every Day Carry knives. Also, it is used in other industries to produce bearings, cutlery, and tools to be used in highly corrosive environments. CPM 154 Steel Composition Properties of CPM 154 Steel CPM 154 Steel Hardness … Read more