6 New Knife Steels to look out for

New Knife Steels To Look Out For

Steel manufacturers are constantly refining the elements used in making steel to produce new and better steel. The new technologies in steel produce steel that performs well in all aspects including hardness, toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. Here is a list of new knife steels: 1. CPM MagnaCut (best All round) MagnaCut is a … Read more

CPM MagnaCut Steel Review

CPM MagnaCut steel

The steel was named MagnaCut to fit in the category of other high-speed steels from Vanadium Alloys Steel Company (VASCO) with Cut in their name. Magna is a Latin name that means awesome or great, therefore, it is awesome knife steel. CPM MagnaCut steel is the idea of Larrin Thomas, a renowned steel author but … Read more

Bohler M398 Steel better than M390 Steel?

m398 steel knife

Bohler M398 steel has about 0.8% more carbon elements in its alloy and about 3.2% more Vanadium elements. The addition of these two increases the macro hardness by significantly increasing the carbide volume. Because of its chemical composition, it offers excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for making wear-resistant tools. It is … Read more