IKEA Briljera Knife Review 

IKEA Briljera knife

If you are looking for a Premium chef’s knife, you may want to consider the IKEA Briljera Chef’s knife. A product of the IKEA range, the knife is one of the most marketed products in the cutlery world. The Swedish interpretation of Briljera is to outshine. But does it live up to this expectation? In … Read more

What is 19C27 Steel?

19C27 steel minamoto hamon nakiri

However, it does not perform very well in various aspects like edge retention and corrosion resistance, so the manufacturer recommends a corrosion-resistant coating on the blades to prevent rusting. Apart from making kitchen knives, 19C27 steel is ideal for making a variety of knives due to its excellent wear resistance, it is ideal for Carpet … Read more

Detailed MC66 Steel Review

MC66 steel knife

MC66 steel contains very high Carbon (3 %) and chromium (20%) in its composition, which gives it excellent corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, and edge retention. MC66 steel is common in most Henckels Santoku and other kitchen knives. It is worth noting that Henckels has a habit of renaming steels for its own business reasons. … Read more

Is CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel good?

Global CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel Knife

There exist claims that CRO and 18 in the name CROMOVA 18 are aimed at signifying the 18% chromium content in the steel alloy composition. The MO and VA represent the other alloying elements Molybdenum and Vanadium respectively. Regardless of the naming claim the 17%-18% chromium content makes CROMOVA 18 stainless steel with excellent corrosion … Read more

What is Za-18 Steel?

Za-18 steel knife

Za-18 steel composition is also highly similar to Bohler N690 steel. N690 steel has excellent knife properties and has been around for longer so we might conclude it served as an inspiration to the production of Za-18 steel Za-18 stainless steel is used in the knife industry to make high-end Japanese kitchen knives but its … Read more

What is Ginsan Steel? (properties and comparison)

Shigeki Tanaka Ginsan Steel knife

Ginsan steel is closely identical to Shirogami #2 steel, but its high purity reduces its Rockwell hardness making it easier to sharpen than the Aogami and Shirogami steel series.  It is designed to be stainless steel that can achieve a sharp edge and be easily maintained, making it perfect for kitchen knives. Ginsan Steel Composition … Read more

10Cr15CoMoV Steel: Properties, and Comparison

CIVIVI 10Cr15CoMoV steel knife

10Cr15CoMoV stainless steel is used in the knife industry to make highly polished thin blades with excellent edge retention perfect for slicing. 10Cr15CoMoV Steel Composition Element Percentage composition Carbon C 0.95%-1.05% Chromium Cr 14.50%-15.50% Vanadium 0.25%-0.35% Molybdenum 0.80%-1.20% Cobalt Co 1.30%-1.80% Manganese Mn 0.30%-0.50% Nickel Ni 0.00%-0.25% Silicon Si 0.00%-0.45% Sulfur S 0.03% Phosphorus P 0.03% 10Cr15CoMoV Steel Composition Properties … Read more