IKEA Briljera Knife Review 

IKEA Briljera knife

If you are looking for a Premium chef’s knife, you may want to consider the IKEA Briljera Chef’s knife. A product of the IKEA range, the knife is one of the most marketed products in the cutlery world.

The Swedish interpretation of Briljera is to outshine. But does it live up to this expectation? In this article, we will look at how good the Briljera knife is. What are the blade’s essential features, and does it stand out? Let’s take a look.

Blade Material and Design

The Briljera knife is made from Damascus stainless steel with a VG 10 core. One of stainless steel’s most attractive aspects is its high corrosion resistance. Thus, the Briljera blade is corrosion and rust-free.

The VG10 steel blade material has a great balance between toughness, edge retention and corrosion resistance. VG10 core performance is similar to other knife steels like Super Gold 2.

The Briljera knife has the usual chef’s knife design. The blade is broad with a slight bottom curve that culminates to a sharp point. Also, the 8inches blade is ideal for most average users. 

IKEA Briljera Chef's knife

The Briljera knife has a bolster, ensuring that your knuckles are not bruised at work. But some users have complained that the bolster is a bit on the vast side. Thus, it can obstruct you when sharpening the knife. 


The Briljera knife comes with a wooden handle and is suitable to work with even in wet conditions. The bottom part of the handle has a slight curve that increases your grip on the knife. 

Edge Retention 

The VG10 core stays sharp compared to full stainless steel blades. Briljera is razor sharp from the box and retains the edges for a long duration. The cutting edge is solid and durable. Thus, Briljera does not chip easily. Besides, the edges are easy to sharpen, thanks to the VG10 core.

The manufacturer recommends a whetstone for sharpening the blade. Other alternatives are ceramic and diamond sharpeners. The edges have a 15 degrees bevel. It is advisable to keep the angles while sharpening the knife to retain consistent edges. 

Best Use 

The drop point profile of the Briljera knife is designed for many uses in the kitchen. The sharp point is ideal for puncturing food ingredients such as oranges. The bottom curve is best suited for chopping, dicing, and mincing fruits and vegetables.

The flat part of the blade is ideal for grinding and slicing ingredients. The sharp and pointed edges of the knife optimize it for clean and straight chops. Thus, the blade is also ideal for grinding and precision cuts.


The Briljera knife costs 59 dollars on the IKEA website. This price is fair, given that the knife is stainless steel and has a good VG10 core. To top up the deal, IKEA gives 25 years warranty on this chef knife. 

Pros of Briljera Knife 

  • Stylish Appearance: Briljera has a beautiful chef’s knife design. Furthermore, the Damascus stainless steel retains the knife’s shine. 
  • The Edges are Razor Sharp: The VG10 core edges are very sharp and keep the sharpness. Thus, you do not need to sharpen the Briljera now and then. 
  • It is Durable: Briljera blades last for a long and are corrosion free.
  • Handle: The knife has a wooden ergonomic handle that offers a firm grip. 

Cons of Briljera Knife 

  • Huge Bolster: Sometimes, the bolster can be a hindrance while sharpening or using the knife.
  • Weight: Some users have complained that the 8-inch Briljera is quite heavy. Thus, it may not be as agile as other Japanese knives.

Care for Briljera Knife

  • Avoid cutting through frozen food and hard bones. The VG10 Blade of Briljera knife may bend or chip on hard foods. You will need a tougher steel like Swedish 14C28N knife Steel for this.
  • To prolong the life of the knife, use it on wooden or plastic chopping boards. Avoid ceramic chopping boards or metal surfaces as this may bend or shard the knife.
  • For safety and prolonging the life of the knife, store the knife in a knife block, magnetic strip, or under the cabinet holder.

Sharpening Briljera knife

The VG10 steel core holds an edge for a long time due to the presence of Vanadium Carbides in its alloy composition. With regular kitchen use, the knife can last a week or two weeks without sharpening it.

To attain a sharp edge when sharpening this knife, you must use a sharpener with a higher hardness than the VG10 Core. A ceramic, whetstone or diamond knife sharpener will yield the best results.

Avoid using automatic stainless steel sharpeners as they may grind a lot of metal from the core of the blade, damaging the edge and the angle that is best suitable for this knife.

Alternatives for Briljera knives 

If you want to compare the Briljera knife with other VG10 blades, below are some brands you may consider. 

Allwin Chef’s Knife 

The 67-layer Allwin Damascus steel chef knife is a combination of beauty and strength. Also, the 12 degrees bevel angles keep sharp for six months according to the manufacturer but this is subject to use case. 

Allwin has a round and smooth Pakka wood ergonomic handle. Moreover, the handle provides a slip-resistant grip. You can get the Allwin Chef’s knife at 40 dollars at the Amazon site.

Yaiba Chef’s Knife 

The super sharp Yaiba Chef’s knife is another blade you can consider looking at. With 67-layer Damascus VG10 steel, the knife is not only durable but has a superior hardness of 60 HRC. The 12 to 15 degrees beveled edges hold sharpness for long durations and do not chip easily.

Moreover, the Micarta handle provides a good cutting balance. Thus, you can use the Yaiba for a long time without feeling fatigued. The Yaiba comes in two sizes. The 6-inch Yaiba costs 43 dollars, while the 8-inch one is available in the market at 60 dollars.


As we have seen, the Briljera knife gives you affordable quality. Also, stainless steel is oxidation resistant and does not rust. You can use the razor-sharp knife for almost all the functions in the kitchen.

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