Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in folding knife

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S

The Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife is a reliable, quality and versatile knife that you can use both for your daily work and for outdoor activities. The SWA24S features a 3.1-inch clip point blade made of stainless steel, which offers excellent corrosion resistance and durability. If you’re a knife enthusiast … Read more

Vosteed Nightshade LT Version Review

Vosteed Nightshade

Yue Dong designed the Nightshade soon after he founded the Vosteed Company. The company has since manufactured other successful products, such as the chef’s knife.  Be it the kitchen series or the EDC knives, Vosteed have them.  Our review subject is the EDC Vosteed Nightshade LT version. Before this, Vosteed produced two other Nightshade versions. … Read more

How Does a Butterfly Knife Differ from a Switchblade?

Benchmade Butterfly knives

Most people group the butterfly knives and the switchblade knives. First, both knives are pocket knives. Second, they are illegal in many western states. But these two blades are quite different in their features, design, and build. Here is how. What is a Butterfly Knife?  The Butterfly knife is also known as the Batangas or … Read more

Forged vs Stamped Knives: Which is Right for You?

forged vs stamped knives

Forged and stamped knives are two different types of knives manufactured in different ways. Forged knives are made by heating steel bars and then hammering them into shape, while stamped knives are made by cutting steel sheets and then stamping them into shape. The main differences between the two types of knives include blade material, … Read more

IKEA Briljera Knife Review 

IKEA Briljera knife

If you are looking for a Premium chef’s knife, you may want to consider the IKEA Briljera Chef’s knife. A product of the IKEA range, the knife is one of the most marketed products in the cutlery world. The Swedish interpretation of Briljera is to outshine. But does it live up to this expectation? In … Read more

What is an Ulu Knife and What is its Purpose?

Alaska Ulu knife

You may not have heard of the Ulu knife, probably because Japanese knives are more popular. But its reputation as a kitchen powerhouse remains valid. Over time, ulu has maintained its place as a cleaver with multipurpose qualities.  So, what makes the knife so outstanding? Let us look at the Ulu knife’s history, Uses, features, … Read more

Huusk Knife Review (Are Huusk knives any good?)

Huusk knife review

Is the huusk knife legit? Different people seem to be taking varying stands on the topic. But one thing is sure; the huusk has managed to surround itself with controversy. We undertook this review to dig into the brand and give you an honest and independent opinion. This review integrates the experience of verified buyers … Read more