What is 19C27 Steel?

19C27 steel minamoto hamon nakiri

However, it does not perform very well in various aspects like edge retention and corrosion resistance, so the manufacturer recommends a corrosion-resistant coating on the blades to prevent rusting. Apart from making kitchen knives, 19C27 steel is ideal for making a variety of knives due to its excellent wear resistance, it is ideal for Carpet … Read more

Detailed MC66 Steel Review

MC66 steel knife

MC66 steel contains very high Carbon (3 %) and chromium (20%) in its composition, which gives it excellent corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, and edge retention. MC66 steel is common in most Henckels Santoku and other kitchen knives. It is worth noting that Henckels has a habit of renaming steels for its own business reasons. … Read more