What is Za-18 Steel?

Za-18 steel knife

Za-18 steel composition is also highly similar to Bohler N690 steel. N690 steel has excellent knife properties and has been around for longer so we might conclude it served as an inspiration to the production of Za-18 steel Za-18 stainless steel is used in the knife industry to make high-end Japanese kitchen knives but its … Read more

N690 Steel: Is N690 a good blade steel?

N690 steel

N690 steel should not be confused with N690Co, both are produced by Bohler but the latter contains more Cobalt in its alloy and was developed after the original Bohler N690 steel. N690 steel alloy contains high amounts of chromium making it stainless steel. It also has fine grain composition that enables the blade steel to … Read more

Is Elmax steel any good?

Enzo trapper Elmax Steel Knife

The outstanding features of Elmax steel are that it is stainless steel with about 18% chromium content, it provides excellent corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, and wear resistance, which most knife steels do not achieve.  Elmax stainless steel is used to make tooling materials, industrial knives, and custom knives that require a combination of excellent … Read more

What is N690Co Steel?

N690Co Steel knife

Knifemakers love N690Co steel because it is affordable and easy to use, translating to affordable knives and other end products. It is popularly used to make sharp knives and surgical instruments. Bohler N690Co steel is used in the knife industry to make camping knives, bush crafts knives, and tactical knives, to mention a few. It … Read more

Is 154CM steel good knife steel?

154CM steel review

154CM stainless steel is among the oldest steel on the market, and it was initially designed to manufacture jet engine turbine components meaning that it holds high levels of toughness. Suppose you wonder how they came up with the name. The letter “CM” in its name stands for Climax Molybdenum, the company that first manufactured … Read more