H2 Steel: A Replacement of H1 Steel

Spyderco H2 steel

Although it is a huge loss to the steel industry, there is a positive side because Spyderco, in partnership with other steel manufacturing partners in Japan, has developed H2 steel, which offers better corrosion resistance than H1.  Spyderco H2 steel takes the same chemical composition and manufacturing process as H1, but it is further refined … Read more

What is Cronidur 30 steel?

Cronidur 30 steel knife

Cronidur 30 steel is very popular in the knife-making industry and is also used to make machines tools and blades in the food, pharmaceutical, recycling, and chemical industries. Cronidur 30 stainless steel is also sold under other names, LC200N and Z-FiNit. Cronidur 30 Steel Composition Properties of Cronidur 30 Steel Cronidur 30 Steel Hardness Cronidur … Read more

Is H1 steel good for knives?

H1 steel, also called Myodo H1, is mid-range steel manufactured by Myodo Metal, a Japanese company. It is Precipitation-Hardened stainless steel, meaning that it is rolled without any form of heat treatment. This steel is very popular in the knife-making industry because it is entirely rustproof, making it an ideal choice for making knives to … Read more