S35VN vs S30V: Which is better?

S30V vs S35VN

If you’re in the market for a new knife, you’ve probably come across S30V steel and S35VN steel. These are two popular stainless steel options that are widely used by most knifemakers including Spyderco, CIVIVI, and Cold Steel. However, many people have a hard time choosing between these two knife steels. It can be tough … Read more

D2 vs. S35VN Knives: Which Is Better?

D2 vs S35VN

CPM S35VN knives are better than D2 knives because they are tougher, corrosion-resistant, and easier to sharpen. D2 knives rust faster than S35VN because D2 steel is semi-stainless steel. However, to choose between S35VN and D2 knives, you must consider how the toughness, edge retention, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening the steel affect the … Read more

Factors to consider when buying under 3-inch pocket knife

Pocket knife

Under 3-inch pocket knives are helpful for everyday cutting needs and may be suitable for official places like offices, unboxing, and minimal cutting. Under 3-inch pocket knives are easy to carry around as they easily fit in your pockets, wallet, key holder, etc. If you are struggling to choose the best pocket knife for your … Read more

Is S45VN Steel Good?

S45VN steel

CPM S45VN steel is among the latest steels on the market, developed around 2019; it is already popular among knife makers and other industries. Knifemakers like Spyderco and Spartan Blades have already adopted S45VN stainless steel and are updating their lineup with this new steel. Spyderco’s famous ParaMilitary 2 and Para 3 knives previously made … Read more

Is S35VN Steel Good?

S35VN Steel Review

CPM S35VN steel is high-end martensitic stainless steel produced by crucible industries, a company based in the US. The CPM in its name means that it is produced following the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process. The letters S, V, N stand for stainless, Vanadium, and Niobium, respectively. The number 35 does not have a specific meaning, … Read more