What Is SUS410 Steel?


SUS410 stainless steel is supplied in its hardened but Machinable state and used for general-purpose applications that require moderate strength, moderate heat treatment, and corrosion resistance. To understand more about SUS410 steel, let us look at its properties in detail. SUS410 stainless steel on its own is not good knife steel. It is mainly used … Read more

Detailed HAP40/SUS410 Steel Review

hap40/sus410 steel knife

HAP40/SUS410 steel is laminate steel, whereby HAP40 steel, which is not stainless steel, is coated with SUS410 stainless steel. The stainless steel protects the blades made from rusting and corrosion. When you take a closer look at the blade, you will notice the unique layer construction above the cutting edge just after the blade grind. … Read more