Detailed Coolina Knives Review

Coolina Knives Reviews

If you are looking for a Serbian Chef’s knife, you may have come across the Coolina knives. The brand has gained popularity of late, especially on the e-commerce platform.  Given its popularity, one would think that Coolina products have been around for a long time. But the brand is only a few years old in … Read more

9 Reasons Why Some Knife Blades Have Holes

holes on the knife

The selection of knives is largely dependent on the knives’ quality, durability, characteristics, and efficiency in operation. You must have come across blades with varying features, with the presence of holes being a more pronounced feature. Unless you have purchased and used the knife, it is not easy to understand the importance of holes on … Read more

What Is A Ballistic Knife?

what is a ballistic knife

A ballistic knife is a knife with a detachable blade that is propelled by a spring-operated mechanism, elastic material, or compressed gas. The detachable blade is propelled on the press of a trigger or a switch on the handle. Once ejected, the blade can reach several meters or yards towards the targeted direction. The blade … Read more

What is a Wasp Injection Knife?

What is a Wasp injection knife

There are a few special knives out in the world that can do some serious damage. From cutting up an apple to killing a huge prey like a shark, these blades will make sure you’re ready for anything! One type of this kind of knife is a wasp injection knife. In 2008 a group of … Read more