What is a Wasp Injection Knife?

What is a Wasp injection knife

There are a few special knives out in the world that can do some serious damage. From cutting up an apple to killing a huge prey like a shark, these blades will make sure you’re ready for anything! One type of this kind of knife is a wasp injection knife.

In 2008 a group of knife designers decided to try something out of the box, and they ended up creating a Wasp injection knife, also known as the world’s deadliest knife. This peculiar design has been used in ballistics knives too and utilizes compressed gas to inflict maximum damage to the target.  

The Wasp injection knife is a knife designed to inject high-pressure CO2 gas into the wound of a stabbed target. The high pressure is contained in a cartridge inside the handle of the knife. After the blade penetrates the body, the compressed air is pushed instantly at the press of a button. The compressed air expands and bursts the wound resulting in more damage.

According to the manufacturer, the effects of the wasp knife work on both dry land and water. In addition, the injection freezes organs and tissues near the area of injection as the compresses CO2 gas is at a subzero temperature.

The blade of a wasp CO2 Knife is made of 440C stainless steel. This gives the knife excellent sharpness and great corrosion resistance hence can be used in corrosive environments like the deep sea.

How does a wasp injection knife work?

The secret to the Wasp CO2 knife is the replaceable handle that contains the CO2 cartridge. Note that it is designed with a hole that runs from the handle to the end of the blade. On pressing a button located near the guard of the blade, the compressed CO2 in the cartridge is released at high speed via the hollow part in the blade into the target’s body.

This knife injects compressed gas the size of a basketball at 800PSI instantly. If this compressed gas is injected into a target underwater, it results in overinflation which can result in bursts of the target’s organs like lungs.

Who uses the wasp injection knife?

Initially, the CO2 injection knife was manufactured by divers to protect themselves against marine predators. The knives caused deadly injuries to any sea animal it was used on. For example, when injected into the sharks, they vomited most of their internal organs as they rose to the surface.

A single shot of this knife is said to drop dead the largest and deadliest creatures on land and in the sea. Also, it is easy to use, reload, and kills silently. In addition, even though you can only attack the enemy once, you are assured that there is no chance of the enemy coming back to attack you.

With that said, the Wasp injection knife is best suited for divers, hunters, outdoorsmen, and the military and tactical defence forces.

Downsides of the Wasp Injection knife

It is a close-range weapon.

To use the wasp knife, you must be close to your enemy. Imagine having to come close to a bear or a lion that is stronger than you and can kill you in a single blow.  

For such dangerous animals, a distant weapon like a spear is more practical and effective. Therefore, it is not practical for hunters and outdoor people to use the knife against deadly beasts.

However, this weapon is effective for divers because, on some occasions, a shark can come close. In that desperate and defenseless moment, the wasp knife gives the divers the ability to defend themselves. With this weapon, divers get into the deep oceans with the peace of mind that they can defeat the deadly sharks in a single shot.


The wasp knife is a specialized product and comes at a high cost. A standard model cost around $500 while the larger model retails at about $600. Note that the prices might differ depending on where you purchase yours.

Wasp Injection Knife Cartridges

Wasp injection knife

How many shots out of 1 CO2 cartridge do you get in a wasp knife?

The wasp knife can only inject CO2 once. After a shot, you are required to unscrew the handle and install a new cartridge. This tells you that it cannot be used on multiple predators at once unless you have multiple knives with you. The good thing is that the knife comes with three 12 grain CO2 cartridges.

What CO2 cartridge is recommended for wasp knife?

According to the specifications by the manufacturer, the wasp injection knife comes with three 12grain CO2 Cartridges. However, it can hold up to a 24g Gas cartridge. This can be achieved through the use of a Max adapter that is sold separately. These adapters can be found in a few sporting stores or recognized hardware dealers.


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