Detailed Coolina Knives Review

Coolina Knives Reviews

If you are looking for a Serbian Chef’s knife, you may have come across the Coolina knives. The brand has gained popularity of late, especially on the e-commerce platform. 

Given its popularity, one would think that Coolina products have been around for a long time. But the brand is only a few years old in the knife industry.

So, are the Coolina knives worth buying?

In a hurry? Coolina knives are Chinese Manufactured knives with high carbon steel. They are aimed at buyers looking for an aesthetic rustic look over performance. Coolina knives are not stainless and rust quite easily, they also do not hold an edge for long. Check these excellent Wushtoff Knives alternatives.

In this article, we will review the offerings of the Coolina and discuss their various features. But first of all, let us have a brief overview of the Company.

Coolina Company Background

The Coolina Company is an e-commerce kitchen brand that was founded in 2017. The Company’s registered office is in Yerevan, Armenia. But that is not the manufacturing location of the knives. 

Are Coolina Knives made in China?

Coolina knives are hand-forged in China and imported to the US market, where the target market is. Choosing a different manufacturing location could be a strategy to cut costs. But that remains a supposition. Coolina maintains that the designs of the products are European-inspired to fit the Western market. 

The Products line up.

The Coolina offers distinct blades with specialized tasks. The five popular products are the Promaja, the Lixy, the Altomino, the Daozi, and the Suratu. 

Let us go through the knife reviews to have a detailed understanding of the product features.

coolina Promaja Knife
Promaja Knife (View More Photos)

Promaja Knife Review

The Promaja is one of the most popular products of the Coolina brand. The knife has gained special love in the Serbian Chef’s knife category.  

 The website states that the Promaja was selected as the best chef knife in 2018. It may not be possible to substantiate the claim because the awarder of the accolade has been left out.

Either way, the Promaja is a sturdy, well-built multipurpose knife. It also has an appealing appearance that piques your interest at first glance. 

Promaja knife can be used to cut, chop and slice and can easily replace the slicers and cleavers in your kitchen with its double-bevel edge. 

Blade material

The 6.6-inch blade is claimed to be “hand-made” from the durable Serbian high carbon steel. The steel is extra strong and ideal for cutting through bone and frozen meat. The extra-sharp edge is also suitable for precision cuts. 

Coolina knife company however does not provide details of the steel used to “handmade” this knife. Thus we cant ascertain if the steel used is good in terms of edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

There are mixed promaja knife reviews online with a big percentage claiming the steel is not good in terms of edge retention.

Blade Design

Promaja maintains the simplistic shape of other Serbian knives. The knife has a straight spine with a curve that starts from the middle of the blade. The curve slopes downwards to meet the straight cutting edge as opposed to other knife blade types.

The entire body of the blade has a black coating, except for the edges, which have a clear silver look. The Coolina logo is engraved at the top part of the blade, adding to its sophisticated look.


The Promaja knife boasts a 4.9-inch wooden handle that fits well to both large and small hands. The handle also has a non-slip ergonomic grip that you need when chopping tough food. 

It is good to note that the wooden handles need extra care when cleaning, unlike G10 or Micarta Handles.

Promaja is a full tang knife featuring three rivets that fix the tang to the handle. You can use the blade with the assurance that the handle won’t break as you carry on your tasks.


The Promaja is a double beveled knife, which means you need to sharpen the edges from both sides. The blade is hand sharpened using a whetstone at a 30 degrees angle to maintain the edges.


  • The Promaja is versatile
  • The edges stay sharp for a long.
  • The knife is elegant and stylish.
  • The blade is durable.
  • It has a wooden ergonomic handle.


  • The blade is prone to rust if not oiled.
coolina Lixy Knife
Lixy Knife (View More Photos)

Lixy Knife Review

When going through the reviews, you will find some customers describing Lixy as the beast. This description is primarily due to its thick build and work efficiency. 

The cleaver is a specialized knife designed to chop meat. Using the blade on hard objects is not recommended, but reviews show that Lixy cuts through bones with ease. 

From the description, the knife is not only ideal for kitchen use but will come in handy on camping sites. 

Blade material

The heavy and sturdy knife is made from high manganese steel. The metal is often known as the ultimate working steel due to its durability. High manganese steel is also abrasion-resistant.

The 8.3-inch blade has a rustic black look that breaks down to silver on the edges. You may notice some black spots on the knives because they are hand-forged. The black spots add to its gritty and authentic look.

At 2.77 lbs, the knife is quite heavy. But the weight is ideal for its tasks as the extra weight adds an additional force while cutting through bones. 

The Lixy is not the sharpest of the Coolina knives, but it’s sharp enough to perform its tasks exceptionally well.

Blade design

The Lixy has the design of a perfect chopper. At the top, the spine is flat near the handle and curves downwards from the middle of the blade. The bottom part of the blade slopes up to meet the top forming a sharp point. 

The sharp point is ideal for slicing through fat and creating pockets when cutting meat. The curved part of the edges provides the rocking motion that you need while chopping the meat.


The 5.9-inch handle is made of rosewood and has an ergonomic handle. The handle has a curve that gives you a firm grip on the knife and reduces strain on your hands.

 Lixy has a full tang that firmly holds the handle in place, ensuring that the wood does not break.


The knife is double beveled, hence does not need professional handling. The 30 degrees angled bevels form edges that are sharp enough to carry their intended tasks. 


To prevent rusting, spread vegetable oil on the blade before storage. Sharpen the knife at 30 degrees angle, using a whetstone, to maintain the edges. 


  • Ideal for meat chopping
  • Wooden curvy handle with a firm grip
  • The blade does not chip. 
  • The knife is durable.


  • The knife needs extra care to prevent rusting.
  • The blade does not fit into the regular sharpener.
coolina altomino knife
Altomino Knife(View more photos)

The Altomino Knife Review

Whereas the Altomino is described as the butcher’s knife, it easily performs multiple tasks. The approved restaurant knife would be a perfect addition to your busy kitchen. 

Blade material

The 7.3inch blade is forged from manganese steel, assuring you of durability. The robust blade is thin, well balanced, and sharp, making it ideal for precision and clean cuts. 

The 0.77 lb knife is easy to wield and well balanced, easing the strain on your hands. 

Blade design

The Altomino blade combines a rustic looking and silver shiny to create a bold style. The blade has a flat spine that curves towards the end. The curve helps to rock the knife in place while chopping. 


The Altomino boasts a brown wooden handle with an authentic look and feel. Also, the handle has a firm grip that offers a comfortable feeling on your palm. 

Like other Coolina knives, the Altomino has a full tang, increasing the overall balance of the blade. Two rivets hold the wooden handles in place. 


The Altomino features 13-15 degree cutting angles that create thin and sharp edges. The knife is far much sharper than the Lixy and Promaja blades. 

The razor-sharp knife can perform various tasks, including chopping, slicing, and dicing.


The ancient whetstone sharpening technique is preferable for the double-beveled knife. To maintain uniform edges, use a 15 degrees angle while sharpening the blade. 

Like other Coolina knives, oiling the blades every now and then keeps rust away. 


  • The knife is razor-sharp. 
  • The Altomino has a comfortable ergonomic grip. 
  • The blade has a curved edge, perfect for the rocking motion.
  • Altomino is a multipurpose
  • It is light and easy to wield


  • The blade needs extra care to avoid rusting.
Coolina Daozi Knife
Daozi knife (view more photos)

Daozi Knife Review

Like the Altomino, the sharp Daozi butcher’s knife comes with multipurpose qualities. You can use the Daozi to slice fragile vegetables, chop frozen meat and peel wild fruits. 

Blade material 

The 8.2-inch blade is forged by professional blacksmiths using high carbon steel. The durable and robust blade has a natural rustic look and a stylish appearance.

Blade design

The Coolina Daozi knife features a straight spine that curves towards the end. The blade has a black rustic finish and silver blades that add to the authentic look. 

The slight curve offers the knife the much-needed rocking motion when chopping. The knife is well balanced and reduces strain on your hands as you use it.


The Daozi knife handle is made from pakka, micarta. Acacia, G10, and walnut. The handle has a nice smooth finish that protects your hands as you cook. Daozi has a full tang that holds the handle in place. 

Three rivets screw the wooden handle to the tang to prevent breakage incidents.


The Carbon steel blade of the Daozi knife is prone to rust. You will need to wipe to clean the knife immediately after use. A spread of olive oil on the blades will go a long way in keeping the rust off. 


  • Daozi knife is durable. 
  • The knife is well balanced.
  • Daozi is multipurpose 
  • The blade is sharp 


  • The carbon steel material dulls fast.
coolina suratu knife
Suratu Knife(View more photos)

The Suratu Knife Review 

The Suratu is another cleaver that multitasks with ease. Like other brand products, the handmade Suratu also features the signature Coolina rustic appearance. 

Blade material

The 5.6-inch blade is made from a high carbon material and clad steel mixture. While combined, the two materials ensure that the blade is highly durable and sturdy. 

Blade design

Suratu has a unique design, with semi-oval indents at the top of the blade near the spine. The top of the blade has a black look that fades to shiny silver at the edges. Suratu edges are extremely sharp to cut through your food with little effort.


The Suratu boasts a 4.5-inch wooden handle with the Coolina logo embedded on top of the wood surface. The knife has a full tang and cooper nails that hold the handle in place. 

Should you buy the Coolina Knives?

The Coolina brand adds a variety of choices to the existing knife market. Be it a multipurpose knife or specialized knife, Coolina has it. Moreover, the brand has gained acceptance in the market. 

But are the Coolina knives worth the investment? 

Let’s discuss the various features of Coolina products, with an emphasis on the good and the bad. 


The Coolina knives are designed to be task-specific. But when it comes to actual usage, the blades perform many tasks with ease. 

The only knife that maintains its specialized tasks is the Lixy. The knife is too heavy to wield for regular jobs, and the cutting angles are specific for chopping meat.

The other knives perform different tasks with ease. The Altomino, for example, is a butcher’s knife, but you can use it to cut vegetables and other food items. 

With Coolina, you can buy one professional knife to perform different tasks. The Coolina knives are also double beveled. Whether left-handed or right-handed, any person can use the knife with ease. 

Materials and construction

Coolina knives are made of high-carbon steel that is stronger and more durable than stainless steel. You can rest assured that your knife will last longer without bending or breaking.

The high carbon material is also known for its edge retention however the biggest criticism is that coolina knives do not state the type of high carbon steel used in making these knives hence we can’t be so sure about the quality.

Most people have complained of poor edge retention which is typical of low-quality steel. The carbon steel metal is prone to rust.

To keep the knife in good condition, you will need to clean the knife after every use. Olive and vegetable oils also come in handy in maintaining the knife edges. 

All Coolina knives have wooden handles with full tang. The tang offers you the extra assurance that the handles are stable and not prone to breakages. Also, the handles have a smooth finish that feels comfortable on your hands.

But having the comfort of wooden handles also means that you have to put some care when cleaning the knife. Using a rough scrub on the handle can destroy the surface of the wood. You may also need to check for food debris at the joints.

Coolina knives are hand-forged, which means that no knife is exactly like the other. You may not be able to get the exact look in all the blades if you are looking for uniformity. 

The Coolina knives ensure a lot of quality control in making the pieces. Most of the reviews are positive, but some reviews provide negative feedback.

Some of the negative reviews of coolina knives include loose handles and blunt edges. While these mishaps are easy to fix, they are not something you want to deal with while using a new knife.


The sharpness of the Coolina knife depends on its intended. The Lixy, for example, has a 30-degree cutting angle that is ideal for chopping meat. The Altomino angles between 13 to 15 degrees, giving the edges the extreme sharpness you need in a multipurpose knife.

The carbon steel maintains sharpened edges for longer. Thus, with Coolina knives, you do not have to worry about sharpening your knives now and then.

Care and maintenance

As discussed above, Coolina knives are prone to rust. Cleaning the knife immediately after use and oiling the edges is not an option if you want the knife to last.

Ensuring that the blade is not left in the sink is essential. Instead, clean it immediately and enclose it in the packing back with the knife. Always store the knives away from children’s reach. 

Avoid placing the knives in the dishwasher as this may result in chipping of the edges and increase the chances of rust.

Coolina knives Pros

All the Coolina knives have a unique design that stands out from the crowd. A Coolina look spells efficiency and quality. The rustic look of the blade gives them a uniqueness not found in most knives.

The full tang increases the efficiency of the knife by improving its balance. In addition, the full tangs ensure that you do not have to handle breakage issues between the handle and the blade

Coolina knives Cons

The high carbon steel metal is as good as your ability to maintain it. If you do not like high-maintenance cutlery, refrain from buying the Coolina knives. 

Coolina knives do not maintain their edge for a long time and will require frequent sharpening. You have to know the basics of whetstone sharpening to keep the edges uniform. 

Customer reviews on Coolina Knives website

Coolina Knife website displays thousands of reviews from their users, the biggest caveat and suspicious thing is they display only 5-star rated reviews. Any other reviews rated less than a 5 star will not show up unless you sort it out in the filters

Realistically this is a way of masking up their knives’ shortcomings as honest critical reviews will push away potential clients.

Detailed Coolina Knives Review
Positive Reviews on Coolina Knives(source)

Amazon Coolina Knives reviews

The customer reviews on Coolina Knives on the Amazon website are riddled with both praise and criticism. The most common criticisms are the knives rust faster, the knives do not hold an edge for long, and some claim chipping issues.

On the positive side, most reviewers appreciate the rustic look of the knives, while others appreciate their durability and toughness

Positive Reviews on Coolina Knives amazon
Negative Reviews on Coolina Knives amazon

Reddit Coolina knives Reviews

Coolina knives reviews on Reddit are more of criticism than praise. Most users have expressed concerns that these are cheap Chinese knives targeted toward an unsuspecting audience.

Most users are critical of their pricing and the fact that they do not disclose the type of steel used in forging the knives. Some users have cast doubts on whether the knives are hand-forged or are just stamped out but marketed as hand forged

Here are a few interesting threads on Reddit Coolina Knives Review

Final Thoughts

The Coolina knives bring a unique kitchen experience. The versatility of the blades makes them useful around the kitchen due to their good toughness. The double-beveled knives are user-friendly and easy to handle. 

Coolina comes with great prices that are pretty attractive for the features and the obviously attractive look.

Of course, you have to keep in mind whether you are keen on having a high-maintenance tool. Other than that, a Coolina knife is an excellent addition to your kitchen if you love the rustic look over performance

It is important to note that Coolina is still new in the market, with less than ten years of existence. Whether the brand stands the test time is something we will have to wait and see.

Personally, I would recommend going for knives with better performance over aesthetics. I would consider a stainless knife with excellent edge retention like these knives from Wushtoff instead.

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