Vosteed Nightshade LT Version Review

Vosteed Nightshade

Yue Dong designed the Nightshade soon after he founded the Vosteed Company. The company has since manufactured other successful products, such as the chef’s knife. 

Be it the kitchen series or the EDC knives, Vosteed have them. 

Our review subject is the EDC Vosteed Nightshade LT version. Before this, Vosteed produced two other Nightshade versions. The earlier versions are the G-10 with brass bolsters and the Bohler M390 steel. 

The Vosteed Nightshade LT version takes the best from its predecessors, with full G10 scales and 154 CM steel.

Vosteed Nightshade
Source: Vosteed.com

The dimensions of the Bohler and LT versions are pretty similar. But the two differ in price and long-term performance of the knives. The M390 steel performs well on wear and tear and ease of sharpening. Whereas 154CM steel is tough, durable, and workable, it is also less expensive. 

Let’s look in-depth at the Nightshade VT version features and what you expect from the knife. 

The Legacy 

The Vosteed website describes the Nightshade as a fusion of the Shilin cutter and the Kukri. Shilin Cutter is from Canton and Kukri is from NepalThe first Shilin Cutter is made by Master Cat Bull (猫牛师), who was a Cantonese locksmith in 1850. His student Master Kuo took the design to Taiwan and established a knife business based on the Shilin Cutter.

The original Shilin cutter knives have a long multipurpose history in Taiwan. But they are no longer in production. If lucky, you may get one as a souvenir in Taipei.

The Kukri is a machete that originated from Nepal. It features a curved, fat blade used in the Jungle and combat. 

The influence of the Shilin cutter on the Nightshade is more noticeable than that of Kukri. But what is clear is that the knife takes up the EDC multipurpose role Yue Dong had in mind. 

Vosteed Nightshade LT version specs 

  • Overall knife length: 7.48 inches 
  • Blade material: 154CM stainless steel
  • Blade length: 3.26 inch 
  • Blade width: 1.21 inch
  • Blade thickness: 0.118inch 
  • Handle length: 4.22 inch 
  • Handle width: 0.89 inch 
  • Weight: 4.16 oz.
  • Handle colors: Black or grey 

What is in The Package? 

The Vosteed package arrives safe and well-protected. The outer slip-off metal container is nostalgic like it’s carrying some candies. Inside the box, you will find a nylon zipper case, a patch, an info card, and a support card. The Vosteed Nightshade LT version knife is inside the nylon zipper case.

vosteed nightshade lt knife

The Look 

At first look, the G10 handle stands out. The mono-colored handle comes in black or grey and has an epoxy feel. You will also immediately notice the shape of the knife spine. Part of the blade sticks out of the handle, adding to the sophisticated look of the folded knife. 

When open, the Nightshade LT version stands at 8.25 inches. The blade is shorter than the handle. The Nightshade LT version has an overall bow design from the tip to the tail. At 4.16 oz., the knife has quite some weight, which ensures it is well-balanced.

The Blade 

The Nightshade LT version features a 3.25-inch leaf-shaped, stainless steel blade. The big, fat, curved blade has super thin edges, ideal for slicing tasks. This blade is also perfect for the push-and-draw style of cutting.

Moreover, the blade culminates in a sharp, negative angled tip. Thus, the knife is perfect for precision cutting. The smooth flipper completes Vosteed Nightshade LT as the perfect EDC knife. It also doubles up as the ideal paring knife. 

In addition, the 154CM steel assures you of extra sharp edges and ease of sharpening. The steel is tough and withstands wear and tear. So you do not have to worry about getting a replacement soon. 

The Handle

Vosteed Nightshade LT version 3D contoured G10 handle gives you comfort with beauty. Also, the G10 material, made from epoxy resin and woven fiberglass, is light and durable. The material is also strong and easy to maintain. Far from the egg-like shape of the knife, the handle is flat on both sides. 

The black-handled knives come with a satin finish, while the gray one has a stone-wash finish. But both are well polished, providing comfort to your hands. 

The G10 scales are also smooth and slip into the pocket smoothly. Thus, you will have no incidents of tears in your pocket.

Moreover, the thick ergonomic handle fits all types of hands, giving you a full grip on the knife. With two standoffs, the blade centering is also on point, giving the knife a perfect build quality. When closed, the grooves in the handle fully cover the edges, ensuring that you stay protected. 

Vosteed Nightshade LT knife also features a clip that holds the knife firmly. The clip is fastened to the handle, held in place by two screws, and is not reversible. It is high near the end of the handle to minimize exposure. It’s good to note that the clip is only intended for the right pocket carry. 

In case the clip is removed, you can thread a lanyard tube and use it to pull the knife from the pocket. The Lanyard tube is not in the package but is available on Amazon and other online shopping sites. 

The Action 

The Vosteed Nightshade LT version flipper is a liner lock knife with smooth and easy action. It features a ceramic ball bearing that makes flipping the knife extra smooth.

It also boasts full metal liners which hold the blade in place when opened. You may need to put a little pressure when opening, but it does not amount to struggle. The extra firmness ensures that the flipper does not accidentally open, hurting someone. 


Vosteed Nightshade LT version retails at USD 70 on their website. You can get up to USD 20 off the price with coupons. 

This price is quite reasonable, given the features and durability of the knife. 



  • Larger than most pocket knives 


The Vosteed Nightshade flipper is a combination of dependency and workability. The knife has practical, comfortable handles and razor-sharp edges. Both the blade and the handle materials are easy to clean and maintain. 

Price: $69
Where to buy: Vosteed’s online store / Amazon store

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