The Vosteed Morgan Chef knife has gained popularity in the modern blade market. Behind the Morgan’s design inspirations is one of the Co-founders of the Vosteed Cutlery, Yue Dong. 

Yue, aka Doctor EDC, is famous for incorporating other collaborators in cutlery design. The involvement could be a contributing factor to the end-users love for Vosteed. But that remains a supposition. 

If you are a fan of knives, you could be aware of other Vosteed brands such as the nightshade and Bellamy. Today, we will be looking at the Morgan Chef knife, part of the Morgan Vosteed three-knife series. The other two knives in the series are the Santoku and the Utility blades. 

The Morgan Chef knife has gained the hype as the powerful workhorse of your kitchen. But does it live out to its expectations?

We have gone through the various verified buyer’s reviews. Below are some of the positive feedback based on the features of the Morgan Chef knife.


When it comes to packaging, Vosteed is known for its stylish wrappings. The Morgan Chef comes packed in a grayish high-end gift box. Inside the box, you will find the knife, a gift key holder, a storage sheath, and a letter from the manufacturer.  If you are purchasing the knife as a gift, all you need to do is forward it to the receiver. 

Vosteed Morgan Chef Knife Packaging
Vosteed Morgan Chef Knife

The design

The Morgan Chef knife creates a great first impression. The blade has a shade of silver-gray color with The Vosteed logo sitting at the top part. 

A unique zigzag natural design decorates the bottom part of the blade. Morgan’s black handle contrasts the edges giving the knife a sophisticated and unique look.

The blade design and material 

The Morgan Chef blade is made from a three-layered 9Cr18MoV high carbon stainless steel. The material is superior by itself, but the three layers further add to its durability and strength. 

9Cr18MoV stainless steel blade material in this knife is well-balanced steel in terms of edge retention, toughness and corrosion resistance. It is incredibly similar to AISI 440B and the new AR-RMP9 steel from Artisan Cutlery.

The Morgan Chef’s knife is designed to perform. The blade has a straight spine that forms a slight downwards angle towards the end to end in a sharp tip. This blade design gives you the room to experiment with different cutting styles.


Morgan Chef knife boasts a G10 handle that is durable, wet proof and does not pass heat. The G10 material also has a non-grip texture, making it safe to use regardless of whether your hands are wet or oily.

Moreover, the handle has an ergonomic and comfortable grip. The top side of the handle is flat, allowing your fingers easy movement. The bottom part has a belly curve that offers your hands the perfect grip while at work. The 5.11-inch handle is long enough to keep your fingers away from the working surface. 

Well Balanced

The Morgan Chef knife has a full tang that gives the knife a 1:1 balance between the blade and the handle. Also, Morgan is relatively light, with a total weight of 7 ounces. 

You can use the knife in a busy kitchen for an extended period without getting tired. Thus, the anti-fatigue features of the knife make it ideal for restaurants and non-professional users as well.  


The Morgan Chef knife handles almost all the daily kitchen tasks with ease. The sharp edges are ideal for the precision cuts you need in preparing salads. The blade also cuts through the meats with ease.  Some of the common cutting methods you can use with the knife are chopping, mincing, or dicing.


The Morgan Chef knife is double beveled with edge angles at 12 degrees on one side and 18 degrees on the other side. These angles form sharp edges that give the knife a high and long-lasting performance.

The hardness level of the blade is HRC58-60 which keeps the knife sharp for a long duration of time. Also, the edges come razor-sharp, giving you some time before a need to sharpen the knife arises.

Vosteed Morgan Chef Knife Sharpness Test


With all these features, the price of the knife is excellent. You would expect the Morgan Chefs knife to hit the high-end knives rates which are 100 dollars on the average. 

But the Vosteed Website offers the knife for 79 dollars only. You will get other discounts that lower the knife price to 59 dollars on buying. What’s more, the Company offers you free shipment and free returns. 

120 Days Return Policy

Most cutleries have a 30 days return policy, but with the Morgans Chef’s knife, you get 120 days to try it out. Coupled with the free return policy, you have nothing to lose if you decide not to keep it.

The Cons of Vosteed Morgan Chef knife

Here are some of the cons that you need to consider before deciding whether to buy. 

Hard to sharpen 

As we have seen, the HRC 58-60 keeps the knife sharp for a long time. But it is more difficult to sharpen than the lower HRC grades. It is advisable to start sharpening before it loses the sharp edges. 

Sharpening the knife to the angles it comes with will be a challenge to most knife users. A traditional whetstone is preferable for sharpening the knife’s edges as it keeps the angles uniform. 

The Blade is not tough

The high carbon 9Cr18MoV stainless steel is durable and has incredible edge retention. But the steel is prone to chipping and cracking if you drop it or use it on bones and other hard substances.

The Morgan chef knife is a stainless steel knife but you need to ensure that you clean it immediately after use and dry it using a clean kitchen towel. Oiling the blade and edges before storing helps keep corrosion and rust away. 

Some manufacturing defects noted

Some users complained of marks at the top of the blade. This defect could be because the knives are manually forged. The good thing is that the knife has a free return policy. If your knife comes with any defects, you can return it for another one. 

While the keyholder is a good gesture, some users have complained of the blade being scratched or chipped with the keyholder that comes in the packaging during transportaion.


You now have it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. My sincere opinion is that the Vosteed Chef’s knife is a blade you would want to try. The impressive features are quite a deal for the price. Also, if you don’t like it, the free return policy and money-back guarantee give you a risk-free option. So, either way, trying out the Morgan chef knife is a win-win for you. 

Morgan Chef knife

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