All About Vanadis 8 Steel

Dulo Vanadis 8 steel knife

Vanadis 8 steel was manufactured to replace Vanadis 10. Vanadis 10 was Uddeholm’s first attempt to replace CPM-10V by Crucible. With notable improvements in toughness and wear resistance, Vanadis 8 performs better than 10V and Vanadis 10.  Because of its extreme wear resistance and toughness, Vanadis 8 is used to make knife blades, cold forming … Read more

What is Nitrobe 77 Steel?

Nitrobe 77 Steel knife

Nitrobe 77 is stainless steel because it contains 14.50% chromium which is more than the required chromium amounts to make steel stainless. The nitrogen in its alloy composition also positively boosts the corrosion resistance of Nitrobe 77 steel. Nitrobe 77 stainless steel is excellent in terms of edge retention and corrosion resistance, it is used … Read more

What is S390 Steel?

s390 steel knife

Based on the heat treatment, S390 Microclean steel is a high performer used to make cutters, knives, taps, drill bits, broaches, and cold work applications. We should also note that the steel features a fine carbide microstructure that positively impacts its properties. S390 knife steel was hugely popularized by Switzerland Kase Knives in their knives … Read more

Detailed DSR-1K6 Steel Review

kanjo DSR-1K6 steel knife

 DSR-1K6 is stainless steel because it contains 14% Chromium, more than the amount required to make steel stainless. It offers incredibly good corrosion resistance as there is plenty of chromium in its alloy composition left after the formation of chromium carbides. DSR-1K6 Steel Composition Carbon C 0.60%: Increases edge retention, hardness, and tensile strength. It also … Read more

What is AN-58 Steel?

Nieto AN-58 Steel Knife

AN-58 steel is stainless steel as it contains about 13.5%  chromium enough to make it stainless steel. Therefore, its products can be used in corrosive environments. Apart from cheap knives, AN-58 steel is used to manufacture parts like bolts, rolls, worms, and rams, that require more stain resistance and toughness than what is provided by … Read more

how good is DC53 Steel?

DC53 steel Miguron knife

DC53 steel is used in forging, blanking, shearing, and knife making. It is recommended for the manufacture of budget knives to be used in applications that demand moderate toughness, resistance to chipping, and abrasion. Composition of DC53 Steel Properties of DC53 steel DC53 Steel Hardness DC53 steel achieves a Rockwell hardness of 62-64 HRC. However, … Read more

What is L6 Steel?

L6 steel sword

Why is it special? L6 steel is special because it is heated and worked on to form Bainite, which gives the steel a high hardness level and the ability to hold a sharp edge longer. However, it is not commonly used because it takes a lot of time and energy to manufacture, making it very … Read more

What is Vanadis 4E Steel?

Vanadis 4E Steel Knife

Vanadis 4E steel is great knife steel that offers a more balanced approach to toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. The steel does not contain enough chromium to make it stainless steel. If you do not mind the corrosion resistance abilities of your knives, the other properties of Vanadis 4E make it good knife steel. … Read more