6 New Knife Steels to look out for

New Knife Steels To Look Out For

Steel manufacturers are constantly refining the elements used in making steel to produce new and better steel. The new technologies in steel produce steel that performs well in all aspects including hardness, toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. Here is a list of new knife steels: 1. CPM MagnaCut (best All round) MagnaCut is a … Read more

Is AR-RPM9 steel good knife steel?

AR-RPM9 Steel

The company claims that powder AR-RPM9 stainless steel will boost the performance of the knife offerings in the budget category because its performance matches that of high-end steel. A unique thing about Ar-rpm9 composition is that artisan lists RE elements to signify the presence of Rare earth elements. Artisan Cutlery, however, does not clarify what … Read more