Is Maxamet Steel good knife steel?

maxamet steel review

Apart from knives, Maxamet is used to make tools that require extreme wear resistance like Punches, Taps, Broaches, and Industrial knives. Maxamet can also be used to make tools to be used in high temperatures. Maxamet Steel composition (Maxamet Steel Chart) Maxamet steel properties Maxamet Hardness Maxamet has a Rockwell hardness of up to 70 … Read more

Is SK5 steel good Knife steel?

Sk5 steel is a low-end, modern Japanese Carbon steel. It is considered an equivalent to the 1080 steel from America. The name is derived from Steel Kuogu (SK), which means steel tool, and the number “5” represents the impurity levels. There are other SK steels in the line up including SK4 steel. SK5 steel is … Read more

What is N690Co Steel?

N690Co Steel knife

Knifemakers love N690Co steel because it is affordable and easy to use, translating to affordable knives and other end products. It is popularly used to make sharp knives and surgical instruments. Bohler N690Co steel is used in the knife industry to make camping knives, bush crafts knives, and tactical knives, to mention a few. It … Read more

What is K390 Steel?

Spyderco K390 steel knife

K390 contains high amounts of Vanadium, giving it outstanding toughness and excellent wear resistance, making it a good choice for knife makers. In addition to knives, this steel is also used in the manufacture of cutting tools, screws, barrels, coining, and shearing applications. K390 Steel Composition Properties of k390 steel K390 Steel Hardness K390 steel … Read more

Is 154CM steel good knife steel?

154CM steel review

154CM stainless steel is among the oldest steel on the market, and it was initially designed to manufacture jet engine turbine components meaning that it holds high levels of toughness. Suppose you wonder how they came up with the name. The letter “CM” in its name stands for Climax Molybdenum, the company that first manufactured … Read more

Is 5Cr15MoV Steel Good Knife Steel?

5cr15mov Steel is low-end stainless steel produced in China. It is a copy of the German X50CrMoV15. The steel is good for kitchen knives meant for light cutting duties. Knifemakers love this steel because it is cheap to produce and contains high amounts of Chromium, making it highly corrosion resistant. What’s more, 5Cr15MoV steel knives … Read more

Is 14C28N Steel Good Steel?

14C28N steel knife

14C28N steel is known to offer among the best if not the best toughness in knife steels out there. This is its most premium attribute and a reason it is a favorite for most knife enthusiasts. 14C28N also offers excellent hardness and corrosion resistance associated with Nitrogen in its composition, unlike other steel types which … Read more

Is 52100 steel good knife steel?

Steelport 52100 steel knife

What is 52100 Steel? AISI 52100 steel is a very popular steel in knife making, it has carbon and chromium as its primary elements. Because of its low alloy composition, it is categorized as simple-grade steel. 52100 carbon steel has been used to make ball bearings and knives because of its strength and wear resistance. … Read more

Does 5160 steel make good knife steel?

5160 steel sword

What is 5160 steel? 5160 steel, also referred to as AISI 5160 or 5160 spring steel, it is a low-end alloy that contains high carbon with fair amounts of chromium in its composition. Due to its carbon content and chemical composition, 5160 alloy steel offers outstanding toughness making it tougher than most stainless steel knives. … Read more