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Self defense is a sensitive and vast topic. Those who have thought about self defense have contemplated many times which weapon to buy and why. 

As guns are not for everyone, knives are the second option. Knives come in a wide range of options; therefore, choosing a perfect self defense knife can be a pain-staking process. 

Two common types of knives are famous for self defense purposes; folding and fixed blades. 

Folders for Self Defense 

Folding knives are also known as pocket knives. They can be folded, thus concealing them. It is advisable to have a pocket knife for self defense, especially when visiting a high-risk area. 

It will give you confidence if anything happens to you, you will be able to defend yourself. They can serve various purposes apart from self defense. 

However, you should make the best choice when choosing a folder blade for self defense.  

Tips For Choosing a Folder Blade

  1. It should be light: The knife should be lightweight to allow easier drawing. It would be best if you choose the best-sized knife that fits perfectly in your pockets or bag. 
  2. It should be made of high-quality material: Most blades are made of carbon and stain steel. Carbon steel is easy to sharpen and holds well on edge. However, it is easily corroded. Alternatively, stainless steel does not rust easily; therefore, you can use it in camping expeditions and salty water areas. 

To find more on which steel is best for a blade, check my Steel Reviews.  A typical example is a blade made of  S35VN Steel will have better edge retention, corrosion resistance, and hardness than a blade made of 4034 Steel.

  1. Does it have locking features? I do not want you getting a knife that will injure you. This is why you need to choose a folder blade that has lock features. Also, a blade with lock features is easier to manipulate from different angles. 

Locking mechanisms can include the collar, axis, frame, Lockback, and liner, among other options.  Some of these features are proprietary to the knife manufacture, check out   some of CRKT locking mechanism 

Advantages of a Folder Blade 

  1. Durable and light: They are made with quality material both on the blade and handle
  2. Have a robust locking mechanism suitable for most users. Some  blades have holes for easy opening. 
  3. They are easy to conceal: You should not let your attacker know where your weapon is. Therefore the ability to easily hide it makes it a great weapon.
  4. You don’t need extra equipment like a sheath to carry the folding knife.
  5. Secured: They have a non-slip grip essential in self defense 

Disadvantages of Folder Blades

  1. They can be hard to maintain due to the moving parts.
  2. They have a lower durability span

Fixed Blades for Self Defense

Contrary to the fold blades, just like the name implies, fixed blades do not fold. This means that they do not have any moving parts and are carried in a sheath. 

Making the best choice when getting a fixed blade for self defense is vital. Below are tips to help make you an informed decision on fixed blades

Tips on Choosing a Fixed Blade For Self defense

  1. Material: When choosing a tactical fixed blade, you should consider the materials that make it. It would help if you picked a knife with a suitable blade material. By this, I mean a blade that is easy to maintain and durable. 

The handle material should also be put into consideration. One requires a knife with a steady grip which is essential for self defense. A G10 handle for example will provide more grip than a Micarta handle and a Grivory handle.

  1. The shape of the blade and edge: When getting a self defense knife, the shape of the blade and the edge are essential. It should be able to cut and slice the attacker. Finding the right shape and edge is crucial to performing an excellent job with your knife.
  2. Weight: The knife should be light and easy to carry. This is because the weight of the knife contributes a lot to its ease of usability.

Advantages of Fixed Blades

  1. They are easy to maintain: They do not have a lot of mobile parts, thus making it easier to wash and sharpen them.
  2. Faster deployment: In case of an attack, the fixed blades are easier to deploy, taking your attacker by surprise.
  3. More durable: Their lack of moving parts makes them durable than the folded knives.
  4. A more comprehensive range of use: Fixed blades come in a fit size to carry out any task apart from self defense. They can be well used as survival knives.

Disadvantages of Fixed Blades

  1. They come in larger sizes: Their large sizes make it hard to hide them
  2. They require an extra material: A fixed blade can not be stored without an additional material like a sheath or a strap.
  3. They are slightly less convenient and can easily attract unwanted attention. 


You should always consider the local laws while purchasing a knife and more importantly when it comes to buying one for self defense.

Keep in mind that knife laws are applied differently for each state. You should be well versed with the knife laws of each state before traveling to those states with knives.

For example, automatic knives or ballistic knives are considered illegal to carry in public in many states and you could be convicted in a court of law for breaking the rule. 

It is therefore of great importance to ensure that your tool for self defense is in accordance with the local rules made by the government

Closing Thoughts 

After Looking at both the folding blade and fixed blade in relation to self defense, I can say that the fixed blade is the better option in self-defense

Although it might be hard to conceal, it is easily deployed and has more strength than the fold blade. It can also serve more purposes than the fold blade. 

However, it would be best if you considered which fits your other needs in terms of versatility other than self defense.  

Note: No matter the blade of choice, the blade material and handle material should be considered as paramount factors and should not be ignored.

There are lots of steels used to make blades, check my Steel Reviews page to get a better understanding.

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