Is CTS 204P Steel good knife steel?

CTS 204P steel is premium-grade stainless steel made by Carpenter Technology Corporation. It has carbon, chromium, and vanadium as its main components earning it excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

In the knife-making industry, it is widely used in making fixed blades and high-end folding knives. It is also used in other industries to manufacture food processing equipment, cutlery, and industrial machines, to mention a few.

CTS 204P Steel composition

  • Carbon C 1.90%: Increases the edge retention, hardness and tensile strength. It also improves steel resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion.
  • Chromium Cr 20.00%: Formation of Chromium carbide Increases hardness, toughness, and corrosion resistance of the blade.
  • Molybdenum Mo 1.00%: It improves machinability and hardness.
  • Vanadium V 4.00%: Increase wear resistance and toughness, it also improves corrosion resistance.
  • Manganese Mn 0.35%: Increases Hardness and brittleness.
  • Silicon Si 0.30%: Increases strength and heat resistance.
  • Tungsten W 0.65% Improves Wear resistance and Hardness.

CTS 204P steel properties

CTS 204P Steel Hardness

CTS 204P steel has a hardness of 62HRC according to the Rockwell hardness scale. This is high hardness is attributed to the high amounts of carbon in its composition. As with any other steel, hardness affects several other properties, as discussed below.

CTS 204P Wear resistance

Hard steels offer excellent wear resistance, and this is true with CTS 204P. Also, the blend of tungsten, carbon, vanadium, and chromium boosts this steel’s wear resistance.

The wear resistance level of this steel assures you that its blades will not deform even after continuous tough applications. Because of its good wear resistance, this steel is used to make knives fit for tough applications like hunting, camping and fishing knives.

CTS 204P Steel Corrosion resistance

CTS 204P is stainless steel with high amounts of chromium in its composition. It is among stainless steel types with good rust-resistant features on the market.

If you are on the market for knives that will not require much care and maintenance, look for knives made from this steel. This does not mean that you should neglect your knives, wash and wipe them dry after use to increase your lifespan.

CTS 204P Edge retention

Another feature that makes this steel outstanding is its ability to remain sharp for long, associated with the high carbon and vanadium in its composition. Blades made from this steel can hold an edge longer, even when used on challenging applications.

Its edge holding capabilities are another feature that makes it a good choice for making outdoor knives. With CTS 204P steel, you will not suffer the frustration of a blunt blade out in the wild where there is no time or the right sharpening tools.

CTS 204P Toughness

The ability of a blade to withstand impact or resist chipping and breaking is an important consideration when looking at the quality of a knife.

In the world of steel, hard steel does not offer great toughness, Knives from this steel do not break or chip easily under pressure but we cannot say they offer the best toughness out there. CTS toughness is comparable to most stainless steels like Bohler M390, N690 steel and 9Cr18MoV Steel

The great toughness of this steel earns it a place in the premier steel category.

Sharpening CTS 204P

Being hard steel, sharpening CTS 204P steel is not easy. Use of the right sharpening tools and methods helps to get a sharp edge faster otherwise you will struggle trying to sharpen it. The good news is this steel holds an edge longer, so you will not have to go through sharpening stress now and then.

CTS 204P vs other steels

CTS 204P vs M390

Both CTS 204P and M390 steel have almost an identical chemical composition and hence similar performance. They offer the same level of edge retention, toughness, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening. M390 steel is considered CTS 204P equivalent by most knife makers. The main difference comes at availability and price; 204P is readily available, making it cheaper.

CTS 204P vs S35VN

Both S35VN steel and CTS 204p steel offer the same amount of toughness and corrosion resistance. CTS 204P steel beats its counterpart in edge retention while S35VN is easier to sharpen.

CTS 204P vs CPM S90V

Both CTS 204P steel and  S90V steel are premium steel but CTS 204P steel is much better as CTS 204P beats S90V in toughness, corrosion resistance, and it is easier to sharpen. They offer the same level of edge retention.

Is CTS 204p good for knives?

CTS 204P steel is a good steel for knives because it offers outstanding wear resistance and corrosion resistance. What’s more, it offers excellent toughness and edge retention. The combination of these properties makes it a premium knife steel. The only downside of CTS 204P is sharpening it is a bit hard and it is high priced.

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