What is LC200N Steel? (Z-FiNit steel)

LC200N Steel knife

It is high in nitrogen, and it is designed to offer superior corrosion power. The Nitrogen in its content does not freely mix or bond with Chromium thus leaving more of the Chromium improving Corrosion Resistance. LC200N is also referred to as Cronidur 30 or Z-FiNit. The Z stands for ZAPP and FiNit represents Fine … Read more

Is CPM S110V Steel Good?

CPM S110V steel, widely referred to as S110V, is a premium stainless steel manufactured by crucible industries following the Crucible Particle Metallurgy. It has high amounts of Carbon, Vanadium, and Niobium in its composition, giving it excellent wear resistance and edge retention capabilities. CPM S110V steel is widely used in making industrial knives, screw elements, … Read more

How Good is CPM 3V steel?

CPM 3V steel is a high carbon tool steel produced by crucible industries following the Crucible Powder Metallurgy technology. It is commendable for its extreme toughness and wear resistance, and it is categorized in the same class as other tool steels belonging to the Crucible Killer-V’s that include CPM 3V, CPM 9V, CPM 10V, CPM … Read more

Is S90V steel a good steel?

CPM S90V steel is high-end stainless steel manufactured by crucible industries using the Particle Metallurgy process. It contains high amounts of carbon and vanadium elements which contribute to excellent wear resistance. What’s more, being stainless steel, it offers good corrosion resistance. S90V is very popular in the knife making industry for making high-end knives. However, … Read more

Is CTS 204P Steel good knife steel?

CTS 204P steel is premium-grade stainless steel made by Carpenter Technology Corporation. It has carbon, chromium, and vanadium as its main components earning it excellent wear and corrosion resistance. In the knife-making industry, it is widely used in making fixed blades and high-end folding knives. It is also used in other industries to manufacture food … Read more

Is S35VN Steel Good?

S35VN Steel Review

CPM S35VN steel is high-end martensitic stainless steel produced by crucible industries, a company based in the US. The CPM in its name means that it is produced following the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process. The letters S, V, N stand for stainless, Vanadium, and Niobium, respectively. The number 35 does not have a specific meaning, … Read more

Is M390 Steel a Good Steel?

M390 steel is super steel produced by Bohler-Uddeholm following the third-generation powder metallurgy. Knives made from this steel maintain their sharpness for the longest time and are highly priced. Bohler uddeholm M390 contains high amounts of chromium and vanadium as its main components giving it extreme corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance. What’s more, the … Read more

Is CPM 20CV Steel good steel?

CPM 20CV steel is super-premium stainless steel produced by crucible industries following the Crucible Powder Metallurgy process. This trademark process ensures even distribution of fine carbides, enhancing this steel’s toughness and wear resistance. CPM 20CV powder steel is recorded to have the highest Chromium elements among all stainless steels on the market, which translates to … Read more

Is BG42 steel good knife steel?

BG42 steel was originally produced by Latrobe, sold to Carpenter, and is currently produced as CTS-B75P. It is a martensitic high-speed stainless steel produced through double vacuum melting technology. This technology produces high-level steel used in the manufacture of critical components in the aerospace industry and high-performance bearings. Originally BG42 martensitic stainless steel was not … Read more