What is Solingen steel?

Wüsthof Solingen Steel Knife

Solingen steel refers to the types of steel used by Solingen makers to manufacture their cutting blades. Solingen is a city in Germany known for manufacturing fine-cutting tools. Solingen city has been known to make premium cutlery and kitchen knives for decades and is known as“The City of Blades.”

To maintain their reputation, Solingen makers only use the best steel on the market for their creations. For steel to qualify as a Solingen steel, it must meet specific quality standards. 

The chemical composition of Solingen steel is difficult to pinpoint because it is a set of steel. However, popular Solingen steel used to make Gude knives contain high amounts of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium. 

Chromium gives steels excellent corrosion resistance; vanadium offers superior wear and abrasion resistance; molybdenum provides high toughness and improves wear and corrosion resistance.

Steel with a combination of these properties is premium steel which explains why Solingen makers make the best cutting tools on the market. Solingen Makers make high-end knives, cutlery, scissors, razor blades, tweezers, and manicure and pedicure sets.

What is the hardness of Solingen steel?

Solingen steel does not have a specific hardness because there are several types of Solingen blade steels.  It is very difficult to state the hardness of Solingen steel because each steel is able to attain a specific hardness range. Most Solingen kitchen knives’ hardness range from 56 HRC to 62 HRC.

But still, we are confident that Solingen steel offers high hardness judging from the performance of their cutting tools. Solingen kitchen knives, for example, can cut through ingredients without wear and tear for decades.

Does Solingen steel rust?

Solingen stainless steel is high-quality stainless steel, but it does rust. All types of steel can rust when exposed to corrosive conditions. If you keep your Solingen kitchen knives in the water overnight, they will rust over time.

Solingen The City of Blades stands out on the market for making premium kitchen knives that cannot rust with the usual kitchen wetness. Professional chefs rely on Solingen kitchen knives because they are looking for a brand that cannot rust with everyday exposure to a humid and salty environment.

To prolong the durability of your Solingen knives, ensure to wash and dry them immediately after use. Give your blades tender, care, and love; they will serve you for decades without staining.

Properties of Solingen steel

Edge retention

Solingen steel offers excellent edge retention. Solingen steel blades hold a sharp edge for long with everyday use. The sharpness of steel is of top quality to consider, but you should be more concerned about how long the blade retains the sharpness.

Corrosion resistance

Solingen steel contains large amounts of chromium and molybdenum, which gives them excellent corrosion resistance abilities. Solingen uses stainless steel Solingen to make their kitchen knives, so you are assured of no corrosion.

However, all steel can rust when exposed to the right conditions. Even with excellent corrosion resistance, Solingen knives can rust. Therefore employ proper care and maintenance. Never leave your knives in water to keep corrosion at bay or store them with wet blades. Wash and dry them after every use for a long-lasting stainless service.

Wear resistance

The wear resistance of Solingen steel knives is fantastic. The blades can withstand everyday usage without abrasion or wear. If you thought that a knife that lasts five years is durable, you have not come across Solingen kitchen knives which can serve you for decades with superior performance.

Pros and cons of Solingen steel


  • Razor sharp edge that can hold an edge for years
  • Fantastic wear resistance
  • Great toughness
  • Excellent corrosion resistance


  • Solingen knives are expensive

Solingen Knives

  • Wüsthof Knives: Wüsthof knife company was founded in Solingen City in 1814. Wüsthof brands its knives with the “Made in Solingen” slogan.
  • Böker knives: Böker is a Solingen-based company that makes knives, razors, and scissors with Solingen marking on the blades.
  • Güde knives: Solingen steel used to make Gude knives contain high amounts of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium. 
  • Zwilling knives: Zwilling was founded in Solingen, the company ensures the quality of their knives by picking steel worthy of the made in Solingen Badge.

Are Solingen Knives Good?

Solingen knives are excellent performers. They offer good edge retention, outstanding corrosion resistance, fantastic wear resistance, and decent toughness. The major downside is that these German knives are expensive. However, the superior performance for decades makes them worth their price tag.

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