5 of the Best Reverse Tanto Knives

tanto knives

There are tanto knives, then there are reverse tanto knives. Unlike the traditional tanto knives we see on the market, reverse tanto knives are termed as such due to how they moved the hard angle of a tanto knife’s profile to the spine.

But appearance aside, what exactly sets a reserve tanto knife from a traditional one? And what are the best tanto knives you can find in the market? Let’s find out.

Reverse Vs. Traditional Tanto Knives

Compared to a traditional tanto knife, a reverse tanto knife can chop and stab more effectively. It also has a more robust tip which makes it heavier compared to other knives. Due to this, a reverse tanto knife can deliver more power which allows it to chop more effectively.

Meanwhile, a traditional tanto knife is more effective for cutting as its tip can slide through ingredients without much difficulty. This makes it perfect for cutting food or ingredients with hard exteriors such as pumpkins or pineapples.

tanto knives

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The Best Reverse Tanto Knives on the Market

If you’re planning to get yourself a reverse tanto knife, then we have some excellent recommendations for you. Without further ado, here are five of the best reverse tanto knives you can find in the market:

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Benchmade Mini Osborne

Reverse tanto knives are perfect for use as an EDC (everyday carry) knife. Not only are they quite lightweight, but you can also use them to perform various medium tasks. 

An excellent example of a reverse tanto knife for EDC is the Mini Osborne from Benchmade. 

tanto knives

First off, the Mini Osborne features the AXIS lock which is Benchmade’s proprietary locking mechanism. Basically, it allows you to open the knife using a spring-loaded mechanism that positions the blade into place. 

As for closing it, all you have to do is release the lock bar and then fold down the blade.

Of the knives included in this list, the Mini Osborne probably has the best weight-to-cutting ability ratio, making it an excellent choice for chopping ingredients as well as making kindling. 

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Kershaw Lithium

Next on the list is the Kershaw Lithium which is another excellent choice for an EDC knife. It comes with a very clean and sharp edge, making it great for performing various medium tasks at a relatively affordable price.

Due to its reverse tanto profile, it offers a comfortable grip as well as a heavy blade for easier chopping and cutting. It also has a simple design which allows you to conceal it easily without it getting attention from a passerby.

When it comes to utility, you can use the Kershaw Lithium to cut minor branches and twigs as well as make kindling. Though it has a weaker chopping power, it can be more than enough for other minor purposes.

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Leatherman Skeletool KBX

The Leatherman Skeletool KBX is a fairly small reverse tanto knife, but don’t let its small profile fool you.

Despite its size, the Skeletool KBX is more than capable of performing medium tasks with ease. It’s best for use as a mini multitool due to its size, and it even comes with an integrated bottle opener.

tanto knives

That said, its small size can only go so far. Unlike the other reverse tanto knives in this list, it lacks a bit of cutting power, and you might have a hard time holding it if you have massive hands. But thanks to its small size, you can comfortably carry it with you without any problem.

If you’re looking for a reverse tanto knife for cutting strings or perhaps opening boxes, then it’s the perfect option for you.

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Krudo Vice BA

Of all the reverse tanto knives we’ve put on this list, the Vice BA from Krudo is by far the biggest and the heaviest. Due to this, it excels in cutting ability and it also has the ability to cut various materials and ingredients with ease.

One of the notable features of the Vice BA is the thumb rest that sits on top of its spine. This can be pretty useful for applying pressure when cutting various items. Aside from that, it also makes it easier to open the knife.

tanto knives

Due to its cutting power, it’s capable of cutting medium sticks without any issues. It can also make tinder for survival due to its strong and thick blade. 

That said, its massive size can both be a downside and an upside. While its size means it’s quite durable and capable of cutting a lot of materials easily, it also means it’s bulky when placed inside your pocket. Though if you don’t mind that, it can be your reliable companion out there in the woods.

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Artisan Cygnus ATZ

Lastly, we have the Artisan Cygnus ATZ which features a very sharp blade and a highly aggressive design for its tip. However, it’s rather slender and light which means it lacks the chopping power compared to the other knives have in this list.

On the flip side, its aggressive tip design means it works well for stabbing purposes as it can penetrate various materials with ease. It also works best for cutting compared to the other knives on this list.

That said, while it’s a bit smaller than the Krudo Vice BA, it does end up taking more space due to its longer design. While you can keep it in your pocket without it being noticeable, it can be a bit of discomfort at the same time.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the reverse tanto knife does a better job at cutting various materials compared to a traditional tanto. This makes it a better choice for an EDC knife since they’re quite lightweight and easy to carry as well.

While there are lots of other reverse tanto knives on the market, the ones included in this list are the best by far in terms of cutting and chopping ability, portability, and utility. However, you don’t want to use them as your main outdoor tool.

Instead, you want to treat them as a secondary tool for other medium tasks when you’re out there in the woods.

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