Is 420J2 steel good knife steel?

420J2 steel review

420J2 steel is used to make surgical knives, diving knives, barber or hairdresser shears, and budget knives for both outdoor and kitchen use. Initially, 420J2 stainless steel was not supposed to make blades, but with time, knife makers discovered it because it was affordable. There is an assumption that it is tool steel because it … Read more

Is 1095 steel good steel?

1095 steel review

The last two digits represent the carbon content which is 0.95%. The less than 1% carbon content makes 1095 high carbon steel and not tool steel. Generally, tool steels contain more than 1% carbon content. 1095 steel alloy mainly contains Carbon and Manganese. In addition to carbon, the other element in 1095 blade steel is … Read more

What is W2 Steel?

Robert erickson w2 steel knife

Water hardening steels are referred to as W steels hence the W in the name. The W stands for water quench steel, while the 2 differentiates it from its sibling W1 steel. Other steels in the W grade include W1 steel and W3 steel. W2 tool steel can be used to make machine dies, and … Read more

Is 440C steel good steel for a knife?

440C Steel Review

AISI 440C steel is the best steel in the 440 series, it has the highest carbon content with 440A (0.7% C), 440B (.85% C), and 440C (1.05% C); the Rockwell hardness goes up with carbon but the corrosion resistance, in turn, goes down. 440C Carbon steel is a genuine type of stainless steel because it … Read more

Is VG 10 steel good for knives?

VG 10 Steel Review

Due to VG 10 edge retention capabilities and high rust resistance, vg10 stainless steel is popularly used to make kitchen knives. It is also used to make hunting, tactical, and pocket knives. It is widely used to make chef’s knives in Japan. The Japanese Santoku knives have heavily relied on this stainless steel type. What’s … Read more

Is D2 steel a good steel?

D2 steel

In addition, this steel belongs to the cold-work category of steel because it is shaped after cooling, usually at the ambient temperature. D2 tool steel also experiences low distortion and has better machining quality compared to other high chromium steel due to its carbide forming elements. AISI D2 is made following the air quenching process, … Read more

X50CrMoV15 Steel: Properties, and Comparison

X50CrMoV15 steel review

German X50CrMoV15 steel is a mainstream knife steel popular in most knives in Germany and Europe, it may not be well known in other countries but its chemical composition closely resembles that of well-known AISI 440A stainless steel and 1.4116 stainless steel. X50CrMoV15 stainless steel is also referred to as X50 Cr MoV 15 steel, … Read more

Is CPM S30V Steel the best Knife Steel?

CPM S30V Review

It is often considered premium steel and highly preferred in the making of knives. To note, Crucible Particulate Metallurgy S30V (CPM S30V) and S30V are the same steel. In recent years, there have been advances to make the best combination of hardest, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance steel, and S30V powder steel is a product … Read more