Is 5Cr15MoV Steel Good Knife Steel?

5cr15mov Steel is low-end stainless steel produced in China. It is a copy of the German X50CrMoV15.

The steel is good for kitchen knives meant for light cutting duties. Knifemakers love this steel because it is cheap to produce and contains high amounts of Chromium, making it highly corrosion resistant.

What’s more, 5Cr15MoV steel knives are reasonably priced. If you are on the market for an affordable quality knife, check out for varieties made with 5Cr15MoV steel.

5Cr15MoV steel Chemical composition

  • Carbon C 0.50%: Increases the edge retention, hardness and tensile strength. It also improves steel resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion.
  • Chromium Cr 15.00%: Chromium Increases hardness, tensile strength and corrosion resistance of a blade.
  • Manganese Mn 0.40%: Increases Hardness.
  • Molybdenum Mo 0.60%: added to improve the corrosion resistance and hardness of steel.
  • Vanadium V 0.10%: Forms Vanadium Carbide that contribute to the toughness and strength of blade.

Properties of 5Cr15MoV steel


As per the Rockwell hardness scale, 5Cr15MoV hardness is 55 to 57 HRC which varies with the type of heat treatment used by the manufacturer.

With some levels of heat treatment, it can score up to 58 HRC.

This hardness can be described as moderate hardness. 5Cr15MoV knives will resist everyday wear and tear and serve you long enough for the price you paid.

However, this steel becomes dull very fast, so brace yourself for frequent sharpening.


5Cr15MoV Steel offers fair toughness because it has low-level hardness. This means that it can handle tough mid applications.

To enjoy the toughness level of this steel, use it more for chopping than cutting to reduce the risk of chipping.

Edge retention

The edge retention of this steel is affected by hardness. With its low hardness, 5Cr15MoV steel edge retention is low.

The blades made from this steel become dull very fast and require frequent sharpening. This feature is associated with low amounts of Carbon and vanadium in its composition.

Ease of Sharpening

To compensate for the low edge retention, 5Cr15MoV steel is easy to sharpen. The ability to get an edge faster makes the frequent sharpening bearable.

If you are a beginner in knife sharpening, this steel is a good starting point. You will be able to get an edge faster even without specialized sharpening tools.

If you want to take a break from knives that are hard to sharpen, try the soft varieties of 5Cr15MoV steel, but you will have to sharpen more often.

Corrosion resistance

5Cr15MoV shines in its corrosion resistance associated with high amounts of Chromium in its composition.

The anti-rust features you will get from this knife favors kitchen knives whose blades are in constant touch with water.

If you are on the market for affordable knives with excellent corrosion resistance, varieties of 5Cr15MoV will never disappoint you.

5Cr15MoV steel equivalents

5Cr15MoV vs X50CrMoV15

Both steel types have the same chemical composition, but 5Cr15MoV is made in China while X50CrMoV15 Steel is German-made.

It is believed that 5Cr15MoV is a copy of X50CrMoV15.

They are categorized as soft steel types with low hardness, decent toughness, easy to sharpen, and excellent corrosion resistance.

5Cr15MoV vs AUS 8

AUS 8 steel is another common steel in knife making, just like 5Cr15MoV. However, it contains more amounts of Carbon, making it harder than 5Cr15MoV hence better edge retention.

5Cr15MoV is easier to sharpen and beats AUS 8 in corrosion resistance because it contains more Chromium.

5Cr15MoV vs 3Cr13

5Cr15MoV and 3Cr13 offer the same hardness, edge retention and are easy to sharpen.

What’s more, they are both great in corrosion resistance, but 5Cr15MoV performs better than its counterpart.

On the other hand, 3Cr13 beats 5Cr15MoV in machinability and toughness. Another common feature is that knives made from these types of steel are affordable.

Is 5Cr15MoV Steel Good For Knives?

 5Cr15MoV was made as a steel knife but is it good knife steel? Yes, it is a good knife steel considering its excellent corrosion resistant and easy sharpenabilty.

What’s more, it offers moderate hardness, decent toughness, and fair edge retention. There is no bad or good steel out there; your knife needs determine the best knife steel for you.

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